“GGW” Meaning | What Does the Term “GGW” Mean and Stand For?

What does GGW mean? Acronyms can make our lives easier when you know what the heck they mean. Using text talk can make your conversations quicker. If you’re like me and don’t even have the time to stop and tie your shoes, using text slang can be a lifesaver. And it can help keep your messages private if you’re using acronyms that aren’t widely known. “GGW” might be one of these kinds of words.

GGW Meaning

What Does GGW Mean?

“GGW” stands for “Girls Gone Wild”. It was a popular film series that went around the world, recording drunk women who liked to flash the cameras and show the world all their lovely assets. The cameramen were happy to offer suggestions on what would make a great shot and kept the cameras rolling as each young girl took their tops off for the world’s entertainment.

Origin of GGW

Back in the late nineties, one man had this idea of filming drunk college chicks partying it up. Since alcohol affects your mental impairment, these young women were happy to get their fifteen minutes of fame any way they could. For years, parents feared the worst when their daughters went on vacation, especially during Spring Break. The last thing any mom or dad wants to hear is “Hey, I saw your kid on GGW.” 

It became quite popular for years and some younger females had ambitions of being a “GGW”. But as with most fads, this one too wore off once the internet became widely available and people decided it was more fun to stream videos than pop in a DVD. Although the videos are not made anymore, you can still see plenty of “GGW” live, online, thanks to the convenience of smartphones.

Other Meanings of “GGW”

“Girls gone wild” is going to be the main meaning of “GGW”. However, there are a few lesser-known meanings as well. There’s “Guys gone wild”, which is the same thing as “Girls gone wild” but featuring men. Or for those of you with unusual fetishes, it can also mean “grannies gone wild.” 

The “G” can also stand for “Geeks” so that it’s “Geeks gone wild.” But not every meaning of “GGW” means “G goes wild.” It can also stand for “Global geek week”, “Glasgow, Montana” -a city in America, “Greater Greater Washington”, and “Global gaming women.”

Similar Meanings of “GGW”

There isn’t really anything that is similar slang to “GGW” but there are some alternate names.

  • “GGWFW” = “Girls gone way fu**ing wild”
  • “GGFW” = “Girls gone fu**ing wild”
  • “Co-ed”
  • “Drunk girl”
  • “Drunk gurl”
  • “Slut”
  • “Hootchie”
  • “Prostitute” (because these girls were being paid to take their tops off on camera, many people associated the behaviour with a form of prostitution)
  • “Whore”

Conversation Example Using “GGW”

Example 1 using “GGW” as “Girls gone wild”.

  • Norma Jean: OMG do you remember our senior year in college when we went to Panama for Spring Break?
  • Barbara Ann: gurl! We ain’t going there. I tried to forget all that happened. Well, what I can remember anyway.
  • Norma Jean: that’s going to be a bit hard to do. Your son’s otw home to ask you about GGW
  • Barbara Ann: stfu how? That crap isn’t even around anymore
  • Norma Jean: google. One of their friends saw it and sent it to the boys.
  • Barbara Ann: fml idk what I’m going to say to that
  • Norma Jean: lmao I threatened to turn off the internet and take away Steven’s cell phone if he ever mentioned it again
  • Barbara Ann: good idea. Hank’s going to love this
  • Norma Jean: roflmao Hunter thought it was hilarious. But he did warn us that day it would come back to bite us in the ass
  • Barbara Ann: i didn’t think he meant my kid would see it!!!
  • Norma Jean: ik. Nothing we can do about it now
  • Barbara Ann: he’s here. Let me get this over with. Omg, I’m so embarrassed. Maybe he won’t say anything.
  • Norma Jean: gl with that. He wasn’t too happy when he left here. Skipped playing COD to come to talk to you.
  • Barbara Ann: jfc. Gtg. ttyl
  • Norma Jean. bye


  • *”OMG” = “Oh my God”
  • *”OTW” = “on the way”
  • *”STFU” = “Shut the fu** up”
  • *”FML” = “Fu** my life”
  • *”IDK” = “I don’t know”
  • *”LMAO” = “Laughing my ass off”
  • *”ROFLMAO” = “Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off”
  • *”IK” = “I know”
  • *”GL” = “Good luck”
  • *“COD” = “Call of Duty”
  • *”JFC” = “Jesus fu**ing Christ
  • *”GtG” = “Got to go”
  • *”TTYL” = “talk to you later”


In this long, and completely possible, conversation, two mothers have just realized that their past has come back to bite them in the butt. Most of us don’t want our kids to know the crazy, stupid stuff we did as kids. And we certainly don’t want them seeing it on video.

Thankfully, those of us who were around before cell phones and the internet got a lucky break in that there won’t be much evidence of what we did. Unless it was shown to the world in “Girls gone wild” like poor Norma Jean and Barbara Ann.

GGW Meaning Infographic

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