Ghosted Meaning: What Does the Interesting Term “Ghosted” Mean?

Chances are that you have been “ghosted” at least once before at some point in your life. If you were led here with the desire to know what this slang term means, then your search is now complete. Here you will not only locate this term’s meaning, but you will also uncover some facts about its origin and some alternate meanings if there are any. You will also find some example conversations that use the term correctly in context and some alternative ways to say the same thing instead of using this specific term.

Ghosted Meaning

What Does Ghosted Mean?

The term “ghosted” is the label given to someone who was once talking to you and acted like you existed for whatever reason and then all of sudden just stopped talking to you and stops responding to you as if you no longer exist to them.

Origin of Ghosted

The term “ghosted” originated in or around the year 2006. With the rise in social media and apps to meet people and begin online relationships, the phrase grew in popularity and notoriety. The term reached its peak popularity between 2011 and 2016 when it was used to describe many relationship stories, including those of celebrities.

Other Meanings

Most other meanings listed online for this term are definitions that are made up by users and not worth mentioning here. With that being said, aside from these ridiculous meanings, there aren’t any other legitimate meanings that currently exist.

Example Conversations

A discussion between two people that know each other well:

  • Friend 1: Matt was torn up today. His eyes were all puffy. I think I saw him cry every five minutes.
  • Friend 2: I know. He is upset about his online girlfriend Patty. She has ghosted him. She just stopped messaging and stopped responding.

Online discussion between two Facebook users:

  • User 1: Hey there stranger!
  • User 2: Well hey there yourself. I thought you had ghosted me. I haven’t seen you online or heard from you in weeks.
  • User 1: No, I wouldn’t have ghosted you. My computer took a crap on me and I have been unable to get another one until last night.
  • User 2: Good to see you back!

Alternatives for “Ghosted”

There are several alternatives that could be used instead of “ghosted” to say the same thing. Some alternatives include:

  • disappear without a trace
  • disappear with no warning
  • fall off the face of the earth with no trace

Ghosted Meaning Infographic