Other Ways to Say “I’m Going to Bed”

In this lesson, you will learn some different ways to say “I’m going to bed” with ESL image. This list of other ways to say “I’m going to sleep” help improve your speaking skill in English.

Other Ways to Say “I’m Going to Bed”

  • Turning in
  • Take a snooze
  • Stretch out
  • Shut-eye
  • Rip and tear
  • Rack down
  • It’s past my bedtime.
  • It’s bedtime.
  • I’m off to bed
  • I’m going to hit the sack.
  • I’m going to hit the hay.
  • I’m going to crash.
  • I’m going to catch some Z’s.
  • I’m going to bed
  • I think I’ll say good night now.
  • I think I’ll retire for the night.
  • I think I’ll turn in
  • Hit the shucks
  • Going up the wooden hill
  • Going up the golden stairs
  • Going to turn in for the night
  • Going to the roost
  • Going to the rack
  • Going to the feather ball
  • Get some sleep-eye
  • Get some shut
  • Get my beauty sleep
  • Get in the sack
  • Get in the hay
  • Get in the feathers
  • Get forty winks
  • Catch some z’s
  • Catch some shut eye
  • Catch me a nod
  • Cash in my chips
  • Cash in
  • Call it quits
  • Bunk for the night
  • Blow some z’s
  • Blackout
  • Bedtime
  • Bed
  • Beat
  • Bag the z’s
  • Bag down
  • About to retire

Ways to Say “I’m Going to Bed” | Image

Going to BedPin

Other Ways to Say "I'm Going to Bed"Pin

Other Ways to Say "I'm Going to Bed"Pin

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