66 Other Ways to Say “I’m Going to Bed” in English

We all know the feeling. You’re exhausted, it’s been a long day, and all you want to do is crawl into bed and forget about the world for a few hours. But sometimes, for whatever reason, you can’t just say “I’m going to bed.” Maybe you’ve got company and don’t want to be rude, or maybe you’re in a meeting and it’s just not appropriate. In any case, here are a few other ways to say “I’m going to bed” without sounding too abrupt.

Formal and Informal Ways to Say “I’m Going to Bed”

For Formal Settings

  1. I’m turning in for the night.
  2. I must be off now.
  3. I’m retiring for the evening.
  4. I must excuse myself now.
  5. It’s been a long day, so I’ll bid you goodnight.
  6. I think it’s time to call it a day.

When and How To Use Some Of These Phrases:

If you’re in a meeting with colleagues, it’s appropriate to use a phrase like “I must excuse myself now” to politely express the fact that you need to go. When emailing or messaging someone, phrases like “I’m turning in for the night” or “It’s been a long day, so I’ll bid you goodnight” make for a friendly, but formal goodbye.

For Informal Settings

  1. I’m off to snoozeville.
  2. Time for me to hit the sack.
  3. I’m gonna call it a day.
  4. It’s time for beddy-bye.
  5. I’m off to dreamland.

When and How To Use Some Of These Phrases:

Sometimes you want to express your exhaustion without sounding too formal. For example, during a phone call or text conversation with a friend, you could say “I’m off to snoozeville” or “Time for me to hit the sack.” These phrases are casual, lighthearted and make for an enjoyable goodbye.

Idiomatic Ways To Say ‘I’m Going To Bed’

It is not always necessary to use a phrase that literally means “I’m going to bed” – sometimes it can be fun to use an expression with a different meaning but communicates the same idea. Here are a few examples:

  1. I’m calling it a night.
  2. Time to shut my eyes.
  3. Off to the land of nod.
  4. I’m going night-night.
  5. Time to head off to la-la land.
  6. I’m clocking out.
  7. I’m signing off.
  8. I’m taking my leave.
  9. I’m hitting the hay.
  10. Time for forty winks.

Other Ways to Say “I’m Going to Bed”

This list of other ways to say “I’m going to sleep” help improve your speaking skill in English.

  1. Turning in
  2. Take a snooze
  3. Stretch out
  4. Shut-eye
  5. Rip and tear
  6. Rack down
  7. It’s past my bedtime.
  8. It’s bedtime.
  9. I’m off to bed
  10. I’m going to hit the sack.
  11. I’m going to hit the hay.
  12. I’m going to crash.
  13. I’m going to catch some Z’s.
  14. I’m going to bed
  15. I think I’ll say good night now.
  16. I think I’ll retire for the night.
  17. I think I’ll turn in
  18. Hit the shucks
  19. Going up the wooden hill
  20. Going up the golden stairs
  21. Going to turn in for the night
  22. Going to the roost
  23. Going to the rack
  24. Going to the feather ball
  25. Get some sleep-eye
  26. Get some shut
  27. Get my beauty sleep
  28. Get in the sack
  29. Get in the hay
  30. Get in the feathers
  31. Get forty winks
  32. Catch some z’s
  33. Catch some shut eye
  34. Catch me a nod
  35. Cash in my chips
  36. Cash in
  37. Call it quits
  38. Bunk for the night
  39. Blow some z’s
  40. Blackout
  41. Bedtime
  42. Bed
  43. Beat
  44. Bag the z’s
  45. Bag down
  46. About to retire

As you can see, there are many ways to politely and casually express the fact that you’re going to bed. It’s simply a matter of finding the phrase that best fits the situation at hand – either formal or informal. In any case, you can be sure that you’ll sound polite, friendly, and well-mannered when telling someone you’re off to bed.

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Other Ways to Say "I'm Going to Bed"Pin

Other Ways to Say "I'm Going to Bed"Pin

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