85 Graduation Wishes and Messages to Write in a Graduation Card

Graduation is a momentous life event that marks the end of high school, college, or university. It is a time to celebrate a student’s accomplishments and look forward to their future aspirations. Whether you want to include heartfelt graduation wishes in a card you’ve hidden some money in or are sending that card along with a gift, here are some ideas to inspire you.

Graduation Wishes

What to Write in A Graduation Card

More Casual Graduation Wishes

  • Congrats, graduate! You made it, and you should be so proud of all you have accomplished. Here’s to the new adventures ahead!
  • You did it! Congratulations on graduating; I know you will continue to do big things in the future.
  • The sky is the limit! Wishing you all the best as you enter this next chapter of your life.
  • You have worked hard and achieved so much. Wishing you a bright future full of opportunities and success.
  • Warm congratulations on your graduation. You made it, and you should be proud.
  • Congratulations and BRAVO!
  • Caps off to you, Graduate! Well done!
  • What a proud day! We just couldn’t be happier for you!
  • Good looks, brains, heart, and now a diploma too? You’ve really got it all! Congrats!
  • You deserve all KINDS of high-fives and hugs! You worked hard and got it done.
  • The community, the church, your family, and especially your mama could not be prouder of you.
  • What an impressive achievement!

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More Formal Graduation Wishes

  • Warmest congratulations on your successful graduation. You have achieved an amazing milestone, and I wish you a lifetime of success ahead.
  • You’re a class act, and you deserve all the best in life. You have worked incredibly hard, and it has paid off. Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors.
  • Congratulations, graduate! May all your dreams come true and all your hard work pay off.
  • You have worked so hard for this moment. Enjoy it and make the most of every opportunity that comes your way. Congratulations!
  • Today marks the beginning of a whole new chapter in your life. Congratulations on the graduation, and best wishes for what lies ahead.
  • Congratulations on your well-deserved success.
  • Congratulations on your graduation and best wishes for your next adventure!
  • Prayers and blessings on your graduation and for your future.
  • So happy to share in the excitement of your graduation day, and so very proud of you, too!
  • Warmest congratulations on your graduation.

Graduation Quotes

  • “What we learn with pleasure we never forget.” Alfred Mercier
  • “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.Benjamin Franklin
  • What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to the human soul.Joseph Addison
  • Life is my college. May I graduate well, and earn some honors!Louisa May Alcott
  • It is absolutely still possible to make a difference.Michelle Obama
  • Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.Malcolm X
  • Your education is a dress rehearsal for a life that is yours to lead.Nora Ephron

List of Graduation Wishes

Funny Graduation Wishes

  • You are now a certified ‘Bachelor of Life’! Go forth and enjoy the journey ahead. Congratulations!
  • You did it! Now all you have to do is figure out what the heck to do with your life. Congratulations on completing this major milestone in your life!
  • We made it! Congrats on getting through that last assignment, test, or paper. Celebrate and enjoy the freedom of being done with school!
  • Finally, the freedom of not having to cram for exams and write essays is so close you can almost taste it. Wishing you all the best in your life after college.
  • Congrats on surviving those long lectures, countless exams, and late nights studying. Now it’s time to enjoy your graduation and the life that awaits you!
  • Laugh, love, live. Congratulations on graduating, and I can’t wait to hear all the exciting things you get up to next!
  • My deepest condolences on the end of your college life.
  • Way to go! Have fun dressing up in a gown and silly hat!
  • One degree = two happy parents! We are so proud of you!
  • All that hard work for a piece of paper? Congratulations on getting your piece of paper.
  • Now it’s time to enter the real world. Don’t worry, none of us know what we’re doing here either!
  • Congratulations on your graduation. Education is the key to unlocking your potential. The diploma helps a wee bit also.
  • My hope for you is that your awesome memories of college last longer than your student loans.
  • I hate to break it to you, but that was the easiest part of your adult life.
  • The tassel is worth the hassle! You did it!
  • Isn’t it amazing how far people can go with Google and Wikipedia around to help?
  • Good looks, brains, heart, and now a diploma too? Stop making me look bad!
  • Here’s to the end of eating instant ramen and takeout.
  • When everyone went through the front door, you always went through the window. That unique way of thinking has paid off!
  • Well done! May you now get a job that makes you a billionaire so you can pay us back for school?

Graduation Wishes for a Family Member

  • Congratulations, our sweet [daughter /son]. Aim for the stars because the sky is the limit!
  • Know what makes your graduation extra special? It’s having watched you grow up, having so many good memories of you and knowing all the challenges you’ve worked through to get to this day. I’m so proud of you.
  • I am proud of who you’ve turned out to be. This is the beginning of many more achievements. Let’s toast to your success today!
  • You were created to excel. Nothing can change that, not even you. Happy graduation day, darling.
  • Your father and I are so proud of you! You will do great things, we know it!
  • You can achieve whatever you want in life as long as you believe. And we believe in you! Congratulations, kid!
  • You’ve come a long way since you were that frightened little [boy /girl] on your first day of kindergarten. Look at you now! We are so proud of you.
  • It seems like just yesterday you were just a kid starting high school. Now, you’re a confident young man about to receive your diploma. It’s been our joy to watch you grow and achieve so much these past four years.
  • It’s a beautiful thing, watching the daughter we’ve always loved growing up and getting one step closer to her dreams.
  • We’re proud of you but it’s more important that you’re proud of yourself. Celebrate your accomplishment.
  • Great job, sweetie! We hope that you continue to work hard in school and get good grades. We are so proud to be your parents!
  • Great results come from hard work. You amaze me, son.

Graduation Wishes for a Younger Graduate

  • Wishing you loads of love and good luck as you graduate from preschool today!
  • You graduated from PreK! I am so proud of you!
  • Way to go, little star! Shine on!
  • Watch out first grade! A superstar is on his way! Congratulations on graduating from kindergarten!
  • After a magical learning journey, you are moving on to kindergarten! Way to go!

Graduation Wishes to Friend

  • We’re so happy that you’ve achieved this great milestone. Wishing you great success with your dreams and career.
  • You have completed your remarkable student career. Now that you are graduating, you are at the commencement of a brand new voyage. Good wishes to my best friend on your achievement and to your brand new life. Congratulations graduate.
  • Many wishes to you on your graduation. You have done the impossible, my friend. Having a degree is an honorable thing. Congratulation graduate.
  • We’re glad you’re a grad. Congratulations.
  • You are brilliant, able, and ambitious. You shall always walk the glory road. Happy graduation. I bless you with all that you need to earn many more achievements and facts in life ahead. Congratulations and well done.
  • It’s official: you’re now too cool for school. Congrats grad.
  • Congratulations my friend on being a graduate. I hope that this is just the foundation of many accomplishments to come.
  • All of your hard work is paying off my friend. Congrats and cheers to the next step.

Graduation Wishes of Encouragement for the Future

  • Never stop growing, exploring, learning, and challenging yourself. Congratulations and best wishes for your future.
  • Congratulations on this awesome milestone, and best wishes as you head to…
  • I can’t wait to see where life takes you next! Congratulations.
  • Today is just the start of all the wonderful things that life has in store for you.
  • May you always find yourself as happy and full of dreams as you are today! Congratulations.
  • Today is just the first of many proud moments for you. Congratulations!
  • Congratulations on your monumental achievement today, and best wishes for all your tomorrows.
  • Graduation isn’t the end of a tough journey. It is the beginning of a beautiful one. Start each day believing in yourself and watch the magic happen.

Wishes for Graduating During a Difficult Time

When Commencement Is Canceled

  • Even though graduation is going to look different for you, the achievement is still the same. You’ve put in the same hard work. You’ve learned and grown so much. And I couldn’t be prouder.
  • It’s going to take more than a canceled graduation ceremony to stop me from blowing an air horn in your honor. Way to go, Grad
  • Of course, we’re disappointed we won’t get to watch you walk across the stage like we’d always dreamed—but that just means we’re going to celebrate you even bigger as soon as we get the chance!
  • We’re sorry you’ve had to let go of the graduation ceremony and celebrating you’ve been looking forward to for the past four years. We wish it could have been different, but we want you to know we’re still so proud of you and what you’ve achieved.
  • You are still celebrated for this amazing accomplishment.

When the Graduate Is Struggling

  • As you graduate, you’re in all my proudest and happiest thoughts…and in my most caring, heartfelt prayers, too.
  • You might not feel up to celebrating as you graduate, but we hope you do feel the pride, caring, and good wishes surrounding you right now.
  • This is not how I pictured your graduation going, but you sure are the strong, resilient person I always imagined you’d grow to be. Anytime you don’t feel strong, please know you can lean on me.
  • Congratulations on your graduation. I wish it could have happened at a happier time for you, but I hope it helps to know how loved you are and how proud you’ve made all of us who care about you.

When the Future Feels Uncertain

  • Praying for you as you graduate—for pride today, hope for tomorrow, and for love and support to go with you always.
  • Someday you’ll look back and think, Wow, I graduated at the strangest time ever… Until then, we’ll be here for you, cheering you on, looking forward to wherever life takes you next and feeling so proud of you.
  • Hard work, talent, drive, and vision will always outlast tough times. That’s how I know you’re going to make the world what you want it to be.
  • You’re graduating at a tough time, but I believe in my heart that better days are coming. It may take some time, but I hope you can hang in there and keep believing, too.
  • Your talent is still your talent. Your hard work is still your hard work. Your dreams are still your dreams. You will help turn the world right side up again. Because you are still that amazing.
  • Graduation cards are supposed to wish you a bright future, but right now, I’m all for taking things one day at a time. I hope you’re able to do that, too. Especially today, I hope you can just enjoy all the pride and good wishes coming your way.


Graduation wishes are a great way to show appreciation for someone who has worked hard to reach a major milestone in life. Whether you want to send a formal or funny message, these graduation wishes can help you express your congratulations, best wishes, and admiration for the graduate. Use these wishes to show your support and to celebrate the amazing achievement of graduating.

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