“Great Minds Think Alike” Definition with Useful Example Sentences

The English idiom “great minds think alike” is a phrase that was once widely used, but seen less frequently now. If you have seen or heard this phrase recently used, then you were probably wondering what it means which led you here. This is a good thing because here you will find the meaning of this phrase. You will also find information regarding its origin and some example sentences and conversations where the phrase is used in the correct context to further enhance your understanding. Finally, you will discover some alternative words or phrases that you can use in place of this phrase to convey the same meaning in a conversation.

Great Minds Think Alike

Great Minds Think Alike Meaning

The idiom “great minds think alike” is something that is said when two different people think of the same idea at the same time. It is kind of like saying the word “jinx” when two different people say the same thing simultaneously. Usually when the term is said it means someone is humorously congratulating you for being as intelligent as they are.

Origin of this idiomatic expression

The origin of the idiomatic phrase “great minds think alike” can be traced back to the early 17th-century. Although not said in these specific terms, the thought behind the expression was first used by author Daubridgecourt Belchier in a work called the Hans Beer-Pot published in 1618. Belchier derived his usage from an ancient Greek proverb.

“Great Minds Think Alike” Examples

Example Sentences

  • Daphne told me that great minds think alike when we both came up with the same idea for the charity event at school.
  • When great minds think alike they tend to come up with some good ideas.

Example Conversations

A conversation between two friends.

  • Friend 1: I think we should go to the mall to get some Christmas presents.
  • Friend 2: Great minds think alike. I was thinking the same thing.

A discussion between two co-workers.

  • Co-worker 1: I was thinking there could be several ways to expedite the shipping process.
  • Co-worker 2: I was thinking the same thing. Great minds think alike.

Alternatives to “Great Minds Think Alike”

There are several alternative phrases you could use in place of the idiom “great minds think alike” that would make the same thing. Some of the other phrases you could use include:

  • Intelligent people seem to have the same ideas
  • Smart people think similarly
  • Intellectuals tend to have the same ideas

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