GREAT Synonyms: List of 60 Synonyms for GREAT 1

GREAT Synonyms: List of 60 Synonyms for GREAT

GREAT Synonym! This lesson provides you with a list of useful great synonyms in English. Learn these synonyms for great to improve and expand your vocabulary in English. Also, example sentences for each word are included to help you understand the use of each great synonym individually.

Great Synonym

Great Definition and Examples

Meaning of Great: Something  substantial in size quantity or intangible features. It is considerable, or of large magnitude. It can also mean something or someone good at a higher level than average. It is often used to indicate goodness.


  • “The White Cliffs of Dover provide a great experience for the passengers on the ferry from France.”
  • “It felt great to receive a phone call from a long-lost friend today.”
  • “The important thing in life is to have a great aim, and the determination to attain it.”
  • “Light troubles speak; great troubles are silent.”

Synonyms for GREAT

  • Admirable
  • Amazing
  • Arresting
  • Astonishing
  • Awesome
  • Beautiful
  • Breathtaking
  • Brilliant
  • Capital
  • Captivating
  • Clever
  • Commendable
  • Delightful
  • Distinguished
  • Distinctive
  • Engaging
  • Enjoyable
  • Estimable
  • Excellent
  • Exceptional
  • Exemplary
  • Exquisite
  • Extraordinary
  • Fabulous
  • Fantastic
  • Fascinating
  • Finest
  • First-rate
  • Flawless
  • Glorious
  • Impressive
  • Incomparable
  • Incredible
  • Inestimable
  • Invaluable
  • Laudable
  • Lovely
  • Magnificient
  • Marvelous
  • Masterful
  • Miraculous
  • Monumental
  • Notable
  • Noteworthy
  • Out of sight
  • Outstanding
  • Overwhelming
  • Perfect
  • Phenomenal
  • Priceless
  • Refreshing
  • Remarkable
  • Sensational
  • Skillful
  • Special
  • Spectacular
  • Tremendous
  • Unique
  • Wonderful 
  • Stunning

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Learn 60 other words for great in one table.

60 Words You Can Use Instead of GREAT

Synonyms for GREAT with Examples

Great Synonyms with Example Sentences

  • Superior

For example: You’re a very superior young woman.

  • Excellent

For example: She speaks excellent Japan.

  • Superb

For example: His performance was absolutely superb.

  • Outstanding

For example: That was an outstanding performance!

  • Magnificent

For example: The Capitol is a magnificent building.

  • Exceptional

For example: This weather is exceptional for June.

  • Marvelous

For example: He certainly is a marvellous actor.

  • Wonderful

For example: We had a wonderful time last night.

  • Terrific

For example: I feel absolutely terrific today!

  • Awesome

For example: They had an awesome task ahead.

  • Incredible

For example: You’re incredibly talented.

  • Extraordinary

For example: He told the extraordinary story of his escape.

  • Phenomenal

For example: The product has been a phenomenal success.

  • Spectacular

For example: It was a spectacular achievement on their part.

Other Words for GREAT | Image with Examples

GREAT Synonyms: List of 60 Synonyms for GREAT 2

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