Guap Definition: What is the Meaning of the Popular Term “Guap”?

Last Updated on March 19, 2020

One of the most popular terms used today during online conversations and text messaging is the slang term “guap.” This all-inclusive article will define the term for you, provide with some information regarding its origin if it is available, and will highlight some other meanings of the word if any are known.

You will also explore example conversations to see how the slang is used properly in a conversation and learn how to say the same thing using some alternative words or phrases.

Guap Meaning

What Does Guap Mean?

The slang term “guap” means that you have a whole lot of money or that you are going to earn a whole lot of money. Unlike other terms that proceeded this one, the term “guap” refers to an unspecified amount.

Origin of Guap

Although there is no exact information regarding the origin of this slang term, the word “guap” has been used in this sense for many years on the East Coast of the U.S. to mean a great deal of dough (money). On the West Coast, the term “Knot” was used instead to mean the same.

Although in use for many years, it did not become a popular term in other geographic locations until a rapper by the name of Big Sean wrote a song using the word. After the song was released in 2013, the term grew in popularity.

Other Meanings

There are currently no other meanings that are known for the slang term “guap.” However, it can be spelled differently among users of the word. Some other common spellings seen include “gwop” or “gwap.” Regardless of the spelling, the meaning remains the same.

Example Conversations

A text exchange between two friends.

  • Friend 1: What are you doing tonight?
  • Friend 2: I have to work.
  • Friend 1: Bummer! Not an exciting way to spend the evening.
  • Friend 2: I know! But I have to make that guap. The holidays are coming up fast.

An online exchange between two Facebook users.

  • User 1: Sick rap, bro! You should submit it to a label.
  • User 2: I just write them for fun.
  • User 1: Well, you should do it for more than fun. You are great at it! You could make some serious guap!

Alternatives to “Guap”

There are several different ways you could say the term “guap” and still convey the same meaning. Some alternatives include:

  • money
  • dough
  • dollars

Guap Meaning Infographic


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  1. I first heard Guap in conversation 2005/2006 in queens nyc from some dudes that was in the underground rap scene all over the boroughs. My guy said Guap was a pile a money. The word was basically onomatopoeic for the sound that much money makes when you relieve your arms from carrying so much and letting it drop on the table in front of folks like Gu wOP!!! Ya na mean mad money b. Sheem didn’t knock it, B&Jazz okayed it, a few nods from K, Frost and Black, plausible to me . -a New York kid turned auntie


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