“Habibi” Meaning: What Does Habibi Mean?

If you’re looking to discover the meaning of “habibi”, you’ve come to the right place. I’ll be discussing what it means, the origin of the word and when/when not to use it (it is a slang word, after all), examples of how to use it, and other words to use instead…


What Does “habibi” Mean?

It means “my love“. It can be used instead of Honey, Darling, etc. It’s a term of endearment, in other words. How lovely!

The Origin of “habibi”

You may have already guessed that ” habibi” is Arabic. “Habibi” is from the Arabic word, “habib”, which means “a person one loves”. When the suffix “EE”, which means “my” is added, it means “my love”, “my darling”, etc.

Other Meanings of “habibi”

It can also be translated as “beloved”, “my dear”, “my darling” and “beautiful”.

Who Uses “habibi”?

“Habibi” can be used by anyone, even when talking to someone of the same gender. Just don’t go around calling everyone “habibi”!

If it’s someone you don’t know or don’t know that well, you could make them uncomfortable…

When to Use “habibi”

Anyone can use the term “habibi”, but it’s usually reserved for people you’re close to and have known for a while.

Just like any other term of endearment, be careful not to use it very much, aside from family, close friends or colleagues that you have a good relationship with.

Examples of “Habibi”

Here’s some examples of statements using “habibi”:

A statement to a close friend or relative that you don’t/haven’t seen very often or in a long time:

  • “Habibi!… Long time, no see!”

Statement to a spouse:

  • “It’s cold outside today, habibi. You might need a jacket.”

And some conversations…

A conversation between a boyfriend/girlfriend:

  • Girl: “Do you want to go to the park, habibi?”
  • Boy: “Sure! Should we pack a lunch, habibi?”
  • Girl: “Sounds good! There’s chicken and pop in the fridge.”

A conversation between two friends:

  • Friend 1: “How does this colour look on me?”
  • Friend 2: “Oh, habibi. You look beautiful, but that colour does not work at all on you!”

Other Words to Use Instead of “Habibi”

Now that we’ve learned about the meaning of ‘habibi”, the origin, when it’s appropriate to use it and examples of how to use it, you might be wondering what other words you can use instead.

As I mentioned above, “habibi” comes from adding the suffix “my” to “habib”, which means ” a person one loves”, so “habib” would be more appropriate to use in some cases.

This would be mostly used for a spouse, or perhaps a close family member, depending on how formal (or not) that relationship is.

Other English alternatives would be:

beloved, babe, sweetheart, dear one, angel, sugar, honey, hun, doll, snuggle bug, lamb, mate, sunshine, bibi, and number one and bae (before anyone else).

So, next time you’re talking to someone who loves to learn and add new words to their vocabulary or someone you love, you can now add another term of endearment to the list!

“Habibi” Meaning | Infographic

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