Hand in Hand: What does “Hand in Hand” Mean? with Useful Examples

What does “Hand in Hand” mean? Idioms are figurative language phrases used to state thoughts or feelings in an imaginative way. Typically, idioms are used widely for many years, but new idioms are added to language periodically as well. One of these idiomatic phrases is “hand in hand.” Here you will find the meaning of this phrase, the origin story of this phrase, examples of how the phrase is used properly in everyday conversations/statements and other ways to state this phrase in a literal sense.

Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand Meaning

The idiomatic phrase “hand in hand” means that two people or objects are so closely related that they just inherently go together. In its literal usage, the phrase “hand in hand” describes a coupe or those close to one another holding hands as a sign of affection.

Origin of this idiom

The phrase first appeared sometime during the 14th century and as used to define the literal meaning of the phrase. Over many years, the idiom was created and was used to define objects that were closely related to one another.

“Hand in Hand” Examples

Examples of Statements

A statement in the local paper about a crooked political figure.

  • “It is clear to see that trouble seems to follow Mayor West wherever she seems to go. It is almost as if her and trouble go hand in hand.”

A statement made in the playbook given to football players by their coach.

  • “Grit and determination go hand in hand and both are needed to reach success.”

Examples in Conversation

A conversation between two friends at school.

  • Friend 1: Hey Julie, what are you doing on Halloween night?
  • Friend 2: Well, I am too old for trick or treating, so I think I am just going to stay home and watch horror movies.
  • Friend 1: That sounds like fun!
  • Friend 2: Yeah, to me Halloween and horror movies go hand in hand.

A conversation between a husband and wife.

  • Husband: Maybe we should serve lunch before serving the cake.
  • Wife: I don’t think so. Jason’s birthday party is well after lunch and before dinner. I am thinking of just serving some ice cream with it.
  • Husband: Yeah, that would make more sense and cake and ice cream go hand in hand.

More useful examples:

  • They walked hand in hand in silence up the path.
  • They say that genius often goes hand in hand with madness.
  • The children walk down the street hand in hand.
  • I saw them walking hand in hand through town the other day.

Other Ways to Say “Hand in Hand”

Like all idioms, there is a literal way to say “hand in hand” and convey the same meaning. Other ways you can say this include: go together really well, always go together or you can’t have one without the other.

“Hand in Hand” synonyms:

  • Go together
  • Side by side
  • Arm in arm
  • Together
  • Holding hands
  • Closely
  • Pair
  • Couple
  • Date
  • Closely related
  • In close relationship

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