HBD Meaning: What Does the Popular Acronym “HBD” Mean?

What does HBD mean? Learn the definition and how and when to use this internet slang word with ESL picture and interesting texting conversations in English.

What Does HBD Mean?

“HBD” is an acronym that seems to be one of the most popular knowns. Some people consider it an insult to use three letters rather than to use two words, but this is typically a thought that occurs to older people who don’t frequently use shorthand. Younger people have grown up with texting and instant messaging, so it seems normal to just use a three-letter acronym to say “Happy Birthday” rather than spend the extra three seconds to predictive text the whole phrase. Or worse, to actually use an ink pen and sign your name and “Happy Birthday” to the inside of a card that was purchased at the store.

Main Meaning of “HBD”

“HBD” stands for “Happy Birthday”. There really isn’t a need to explain this phrase any further. Regardless of your views on technology and shorthand, you still know what happy birthday means. You’ve been hearing it every year since you were born. It’s the day you celebrate the date that you were born. On your birthday, you become a year older. Unless you’re a female that’s over 35, in which cause your age goes back to a lower number and stays, or comes back up slowly. This doesn’t apply to all women. Just those of us who don’t want to accept that we’re getting older.

  • “HBD” = “Happy Birthday”

Other Meanings

There are a few other meanings of “HBD”, although these will be used a lot less frequently. However, if it’s not your birthday and someone texts you “HBD”, hopefully, you’ll know it means one of these things instead.

  • Have been drinking
  • Human biodiversity
  • Heart break disease
  • Having a bad day
  • How ‘bou dat
  • Hoes bow down

Similar Slang Terms

  • “HBTU” – “Happy Birthday To You”
  • “HBTY” – “Happy Birthday To You”
  • “HBB” – “Happy Belated Birthday
  • “HBBD” – Happy Being Born Day
  • “HLBD” – “Happy Late Birthday”
  • “HEBR” – “Happy Early Birthday”

Conversation Examples Using “HBD”

Example using “HBD”

  • Annie: HBD chicka! I luv you
  • Bonnie: Ty boo. Ily2
  • Annie: Plans?
  • Bonnie: bday dinner with the parents. Then idhac
  • Annie: hmu. We’ll go have drinks
  • Bonnie: bet


In this example, you can see that Bonnie automatically knew what Annie meant by “HBD”. I’m sure she’s probably already gotten a 100 “HBD” on Facebook as it is. The conversation continues by discussing birthday plans and an agreement to meet later on for birthday drinks. Since it was Bonnie’s birthday, there was no need for Annie to explain what she meant; or for Bonnie to really have to contemplate the meaning. However, had it not been her birthday, Bonnie might have needed contextual data to help determine the correct meaning of “HBD”.

  • “TY” = “Thank You”
  • “ILY2” = “I Love You Too”
  • “IDHAC” = “I Don’t Have a Clue”
  • “HMU” = “Hit Me Up”

HBD Meaning Infographic


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