Health Phrasal Verbs (with Meaning and Examples)

List of useful Health phrasal verbs in English with their meaning and examples.

Commonly used phrasal verbs about HEALTH.

Pass away

  • Meaning: Die
  • Example: His mother passed away last year.

Run over

  • Meaning: Hit by a vehicle
  • Example: Two children were run over and killed.

Break out

  • Meaning: Sweat heavily, develop skin sores or irritation
  • Example: The measles caused me to break out in a rash.

Fight off

  • Meaning: Free yourself from an illness
  • Example: I’m trying to fight off a cold.

Come to

  • Meaning: Become conscious
  • Example: When he came to, he was lying on the floor with his hands tied behind his back.

Pass out

  • Meaning: Faint, lose consciousness
  • Example: People everywhere were passing out from the heat.

Get over

  • Meaning: Recover from something
  • Example: It’s taken me ages to get over the flu.

Come down with

  • Meaning: Become sick (not serious)
  • Example: I think I’m coming down with flu.

Throw up

  • Meaning: Be sick, vomit
  • Example: The baby’s thrown up her dinner.

Come round

  • Meaning: Become conscious
  • Example: Your mother hasn’t yet come round from the anaesthetic.

Work out

  • Meaning: Train the body by physical exercise
  • Example: I work out regularly to keep fit.

Warm up

  • Meaning: Become warm
  • Example: It’s necessary to warm up before exercise to prevent injuries.

Block up

  • Meaning: Stop something from moving through something else
  • Example: My nose is blocked up.

Lay up

  • Meaning: Unable to work, etc. because of an illness or injury
  • Example: She’s laid up with a broken leg.

Useful Health Phrasal Verbs.

Health Phrasal Verbs

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