Heavens to Murgatroyd – Do You Know What this Idiom Means?

Have you ever heard someone use the saying ‘heavens to murgatroyd’ and wondered what they are talking about? We are going to look at the meaning of this term and how we can use it in a conversation, as well as taking a look at where the phrase came from in order to better understand its meaning.

Heavens to Murgatryod

Heavens to Murgatryod Meaning

When someone says ‘heavens to murgatroyd’ they are trying to show surprise or shock.

Origin of this saying

The term ‘heavens to murgatroyd’ was made famous by a cartoon character called snagglepuss, who featured the in yogi bear series. He regularly used the idiom in the show and it is strongly believed that the creators of this cartoon are responsible for coining the term.

Examples of “Heavens to Murgatryod”

Examples in Statements

Here is a statement made by a golfer during a game.

  • Heavens to murgatroyd, I got a hole in one!’

This next statement is made by a live news reporter

  • Heavens to murgatroyd, things just got really intense over here, stay tuned for all the action as it happens.’

Conversation Examples

There are many ways in which the term ‘heavens to murgtroyd’ can be used in a conversation, here are just some examples of how that can be done.

The first conversation is taking place between two work colleagues.

  • Person 1: “Did you bring the screwdriver?”
  • Person 2: “Oh no! I forgot to get it.”
  • Person 1:Heavens to murgatroyd, Bob, we won’t be able to finish this job without it.”

Here is a conversation which is happening between a father and daughter.

  • Person 1: “Dad, I will do my homework after I get back from the movies.”
  • Person 2: “Well when are you supposed to hand it in?”
  • Person 1: “Tomorrow.”
  • Person 2:Heavens to murgatroyd, you’re cutting it a bit fine, aren’t you.”

Other Ways to Say the Phrase

There are many ways in which the term ‘heavens to murgatroyd’ could be expressed.

Here are some examples of other ways you might say the term.

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