HMU Meaning: What Does HMU Mean? Useful Text Conversations

What does HMU mean? Looking for the meaning of HMU? Learn the definition, how and when to use this online slang word with ESL picture and helpful text conversations in English.

HMU Meaning

What Does HMU Mean?

This is an abbreviation for “Hit Me Up”

If anyone tells you HMU, the person is saying you should contact him through any means. You could call him, text him, or shoot him an email. Anyone can use it informally.

Similar internet slang terms

A similar online slang word to HMU is HYU which means Hit You Up. It is opposite in meaning but almost similar. It means I’ll contact you.

Conversation Examples Using “Hit Me Up”

This is a text conversation between Meg and David.

  • Meg: What’s up Dave? It’s been a while.
  • David: Sorry, I’ve been very busy lately.
  • Meg: I’ll love to hang out with you on Friday evening.
  • David: Sorry, am not in town right now. Am on official assignment but should be back next week.
  • Meg: No problem, just HMU when you’re back in town.
  • David: Ok then, will HYU when am back.

Other Meanings of HMU

  • Help Me Understand
  • Hook Me Up
  • Height Monitoring Unit
  • Hold My Unicorn
  • Hollow Masonry Unit
  • Hydro-Mechanical Unit

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HMU Meaning Infographic


Other Ways to Say HMU

“Hit Me Up” Synonyms List

  • Call me back.
  • Get in touch with me.
  • Returned my calls.
  • Contact me.
  • You could call me.
  • Can you call me soon?
  • Call me later.
  • Come talk to me.
  • Message me.
  • Get back with me.
  • Let’s hang out.

HMU Synonyms with Examples

Call me back

  • Would you call me back in ten minutes, if you don’t mind?

Get in touch with me

  • People at a studio might call me, or tell the act to get in touch with me direct.

Returned my calls

  • I telephoned Tom and Jame to ask them about these meetings, but neither returned my calls.

Contact with me

  • She’s still in contact with me – we write a couple of times a year.

You could call me

  • I guess you could call me a textbook soccer mom.

Can you call me soon?

  • Tom, can you call me soon?

Call me later

  • I’m very busy . Please ring off and call me later.

Come talk to me

  • If anyone sees it differently, they should come talk to me.

Message me

  • Please do not bid if you do not understand the job description. Message me if you need more details. No partial payment for partial work.

Get back with me

  • She just keeps calling and texting, trying to get back with me.

Let’s hang out.

  • You know, let’s hang out, get to know each other.
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