Household Appliances Vocabulary | List of Home Appliances

Useful List of Household Appliances in English with Pictures.

Household Devices and Appliances are electrical/mechanical machines which accomplish some household functions, such as cooling/heating, cooking or cleaning.

Household Appliances Vocabulary

Coffee maker

– Clarissa ran out and bought a large electric coffee maker for $ 40 before the dinner.


– Pour over dry ingredients, cover and whirl in blender for about 1 minute.


– Beat eggs and sugar with an electric mixer.


– She had been the first to buy a toaster.


– She has a microwave, but uses it mainly for defrosting bread.

Crock pot

– Many of your favorite dishes can be altered to slow cooking in a crock pot.

Rice cooker

– Rice may also cooked using a gas stove or rice cooker.

Pressure cooker

– The pressure cooker reduces the cooking time.

Bachelor griller (U.K)

– I has a bachelor griller.


– The soup is warming up on the stove.


– She switched on the bedside lamp.

Light bulb

– The light bulb needs renewing.


– The lantern hung from the roof.


– She flashed the torch as a signal.

Clothes iron

– I scorched my dress with the clothes iron.

Electric drill

– Can you work an electric drill?


– I’ll put the kettle on and make us some tea.

Water cooker (U.K)/ Electric kettle/ Hot pot (U.S)

– I don’t like the design of this electric kettle.

Water purifier

– He wants to sell water purifiers.

Kitchen hood

– My sister is cleaning kitchen hood.

Electric guitar

– I started to play the electric guitar in high school.

Vacuum cleaner

– He could hear the whirr of a vacuum cleaner.

Electric fan

– There is an electric fan in our room.

Evaporative cooler

– Another way to keep food fresh is to use an evaporative cooler.

Air conditioner

– The room is cooled with air conditioner.


– Bread is baked in an oven.


– We bought the dishwasher on credit.


– We stayed up late to see the film on television.


– I need a new speaker.

Clothes dryer

– The clothes dryer gets very hot.

Washing machine

– Throw your dirty clothes in the washing machine.


– The refrigerator keeps your food at a constant temperature.

Household Appliances Vocabulary | Picture

Household Appliances Vocabulary | List of Home Appliances

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