Household Devices and Equipment Vocabulary in English

Learn names of Household Devices and Equipment in English.

Household Devices and Equipment are machines or tools which accomplish some household functions.

List of Household Devices and Equipment

Aroma lamp

– There is an aroma lamp over the table.

Beverage opener

– I bought a beverage opener yesterday.

Appliance plug

– Pull the appliance plug and let the water drain away.


– She’s a dab hand with a paintbrush.


– Apply the wallpaper paste with a roller.

Hair iron (U.K)/ Curling iron (U.S.)

– I need to borrow your curling iron.

Hair dryer

– She bought an electric hair dryer.


– She had been the first to buy a toaster.

Electric kettle/ Hot pot

– I’ll put the electric kettle on and make us some tea.


– I saw the Olympic Games on television.


– My mother has a gas stove for cooking.

Small oven

– Put the meat into the small oven to roast.

Microwave oven

– They heat up the food in a microwave oven.

Evaporative cooler

– Another way to keep food fresh is to use and an evaporative cooler.

Air conditioner

– Can we turn the air conditioner on?

Vacuum cleaner

– My vacuum cleaner has very good suction.

Water cooler

– Everybody likes to talk about the weather around the water cooler.


– I forbid anyone to touch that clock.

Sewing machine

– She sewed the dresses on the sewing machine.


– It’s so hot please turn the fan on.


– Mary is messing with the broken juicer and trying to fix it.

Clothes iron

– I scorched my dress with the clothes iron.


– They’re easy to grind in a blender or coffee grinder.


– They bait the mousetrap with stale cheese.

Bachelor griller/ grill

– Cook under a hot grill until brown and crispy.

Washing machine

– My mother taught me how to operate the washing machine.


– We have a refrigerator in the kitchen.


– I can’t reach the top shelf unless I use a stepladder.


– The treadmill has a heart rate monitor.


– How did Edison make the light bulb?

Wall lantern

– Let’s turn on the wall lantern, it’s dark outside.

Hanging pendant

– The room is decorated by beautiful hanging pendant.

Anglepoise lamp

– I need the artificial light of a large red anglepoise lamp on the writing table.


– Candleholder is a device for holding one or more lit candles.


– A telephone belongs in every home.


– How do you operate the remote control unit?


– She cooled herself with a fan.

Household Devices and Equipment Vocabulary in English | Pictures

Household Devices and Equipment Vocabulary in English

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