How to Write A Proposal? 6 Easy Steps for Writing a Proposal

This world is full of people with excellent and unique ideas. The process of changing an idea into a business or a project requires a proposal to get funding or a proper execution process. Have you ever pitched your idea to someone once, and they ask you for a proposal? Did you know what a proposal was then? Many aspects of our lives require us to write proposals. You may have heard of business, research, or marketing proposals. But what are they, and how to write a proposal in English?

How to Write A Proposal

What is A Proposal?

A proposal is a written plan presented to others for consideration. It is a document written mainly to market business and research ideas to potential sponsors. A proposal presents a comprehensive description of the idea at hand giving the recipient party (supervisor or sponsor) the full details thus facilitate their decision-making.

Steps for Writing A Proposal

1. Gather all the information and facts you need

Before, you start writing, think about the idea you need to present and gather relevant information about it. Information can be from books or the internet.

2. Identify and Define your Audience

The audience is the people your proposal is supposed to address. You should know them well. If it is an organization, find out their mission, vision, and their operational strategy. This will help you address them appropriately.

3. Start Writing the Proposal

Start writing your proposal with the information you have gathered. Begin by creating a presentable title page. You can then introduce yourself to your audience using a cover letter. This is a summary of who you are and your profession.

4. Draft The Executive Summary

The executive summary represents the summary of the entire proposal on one page. You can start by introducing the concept then add to it as you continue writing.

5. The Main Body of the Proposal

  • Define the problem you want to solve- This bit should present a detailed explanation of the problem and the rationale behind it.
  • Present the solution you have identified – Give a detailed solution to the problem including how you intend to solve it and the resources needed.
  • Break down your solution into milestones presenting what you can deliver at a specific period, how you will do it, and the resources required.
  • Include a detailed budget of everything you plan to do.
  • Add your contact information so the audience knows how to reach you.
  • Include the terms& conditions. This will help the audience know what you stand by and help them decide if they want to work with you.

6. Concluding the proposal

Conclude your proposal by restating the problem and briefly describe the solution you gave. You can then thank the reader for their time and express your eagerness to work with them.

Examples of a Proposal

There are many types of proposals, examples include:

  • Business proposals – Used to present business ideas to donors (Olsen, 2020).
  • Research proposals – Applied mostly in education to present research ideas one wants to study (Lordkipanidze, 2019).
  • Marketing proposals – Used by marketers to pitch their products and services to potential clients (Camerano, 2020).

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