How to Write A Summary | 4 Useful Tips for Writing a Summary

Last Updated on June 23, 2021

How to write a summary? You’ve just finished writing an in-depth article on a topic you’re passionate about, giving the readers what they came for along with the way, but now you’re stuck with how you should end things.

“How do you write a summary WITHOUT dragging things out, or missing the point?” you ask yourself.

Well, let’s go over some tips which can help you craft a much better way to finish your articles than just simply saying “thank you for reading” or repeating some of the words you’ve already written in the original piece. Let’s get started on how to write a summary.

How to Write A Summary

4 Tips on How to Write A Summary

Revisit the main idea

It might have taken you 2000 words to fully cover a topic, but that doesn’t mean you have to go this in-depth in your summary. Figure out what the main points of the topic are and reiterate them back to the reader as best as possible, but keep things to a couple of sentences.

Keep it concise

A summary isn’t a place for you to completely rewrite the article in as few words as possible, it’s a place to simply sum up what has been discussed, which will help to not only end the article in a structured manner but will help to remind the reader what they’ve just read.

State the facts

When you’re writing the summary, make sure you’re stating all the facts necessary so that the audience can make their own judgment on the piece, do not list your own opinions here unless you are some sort of personal brand.

Since being a personal brand, they’ve probably come to your page because they actually want YOUR opinion, so in this case, it’s the absolute best opportunity to let them know how you feel.

Keep it flowing

You would have had a momentum all throughout the original article, and you’ll want to carry this same momentum when you get to your summary.

Now is not the time to slack off and cut corners on the last part of your post, now is the time to sum things up as best as you can for your reader so they can leave your website feeling satisfied knowing they’ve got all the info they need!

Example of A Summary

Summaries are a key part of finishing up your writing, especially if it’s a long-form piece of content you’ve written for your blog or school paper.

Though the next time you write a summary, remember these key points to help you produce something sufficient:

  • Revisit the main idea: Make sure you read over your writing and figure out what needs to be mentioned to help drill the idea into the reader’s mind.
  • Keep it short and sweet: You’ll want to keep things as short as possible whilst still offering essential information to the reader.
  • State the facts: Revisit the facts and make sure they are clear to the reader; add your opinion if that’s what they’ve come for.
  • Smooth writing: Make sure the summary flows as well as the rest of your text.

These 4 things will help you to take your conclusion to the next level, so you can finally finish off an awesome piece of writing the right way.

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