How You Doing: How to Use the Popular Phrase “How You Doing” Correctly?

“How you doing?” is a phrase you will hear or probably have heard on an almost daily basis. If you already don’t know about this phrase, you can cure your curiosity here. Here you will find the meaning of this question and information about its origin if there is any specific information available. You will also see the phrase used in proper examples of sentences and conversations so you can learn better how to use the phrase for yourself. Lastly, you will discover some alternative ways to say this phrase while still conveying the same meaning.

How You Doing

How You Doing Meaning

The phrase “how you doing” is a question that is asked to a person by another person usually in greeting or when being introduced to someone to be polite and gain a response as to their mood and how life is going for them in the most general sense. In more recent years, the phrase can be used to ask the same question in a form of irony or humor.

Origin of this English idiom

There is no specific origin information on the first use of the phrase “how you doing” as a greeting. It can be said that this is an informal version of the more formal “How are you doing?” It can also be said that the phrase is popularly written or spoken in the shortened form “how ya doin’?” In the early 2000s, the phrase “how you doing” or “how you doin'” became a popular catchphrase for the celebrity Wendy Williams. The catchphrase is said with a certain sass and implies a sort of humorous flirtation.

“How You Doing” Examples

Example Sentences

  • How you doing is simply a shortened way to ask someone how are you doing?
  • When someone asks me how you doing, I often think if I should reply with the truth or respond with something generic.
  • Hi Bob, how you doing?
  • How you doing, Mr West?
  • Uh, hey, Olivia. How you doing?

Example Conversations

A conversation between a man and a woman at a bar.

  • Man: Hey there beautiful! How you doing?
  • Woman: Really? Do you have nothing more original than that?
  • Man: I thought it was the safest thing to lead with rather than some lame pick-up line you’ve heard 1,000 times.
  • Woman: Well, you thought wrong.

A conversation between two family members who haven’t seen each other in a long time.

  • Family Member 1: Hey Jake! Good to see you! How you been?
  • Family Member 2: I have been great Jesse! How you doing?
  • Family Member 1: Oh, same old same old. Nothing ever changes much.

Alternatives to “How You Doing”

There are several words and phrases you can insert in place of the phrase “how you doing” to ask the same thing. Some of these alternatives include:

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