Human Life Cycle: Useful Stages of Life with Pictures

Human Life Cycle! For many people, learning how to discuss the human life cycle in English can be imperative to their success. Perhaps you are a school student or maybe your job requires you to be able to talk about this subject in English. It is not only important for these things but also for being able to talk about your own life and the milestones within it.

In this section, you will be learning how to refer to the various stages throughout the life of a human being which will massively improve your vocabulary and ability to understand the language.

Human Life Cycle

Learn different stages of life with pictures and examples. Learn these human life stages chart to enhance your vocabulary words in English.

Learn more about family members in English.

Stages of Life

  • Be born
  • Start school
  • Make friends
  • Graduate
  • Get a job
  • Fall in love
  • Get married
  • Have a baby
  • Divorce
  • Emigrate
  • Retire
  • Make a will
  • Die

Human Life Stages with Pictures

Be born

– Her son Sean was born in 1983.

Start school

– Most children start school when they’re five plus.

Make friends

– This time I tried to make friends with her.


– What are u going to do after u graduate?

Get a job

– They had to get a job to supplement the family income.

Fall in love

–  I fall in love with you at first sight.

Get married

– I don’t want to get married yet.

Have a baby

– They’re going to have a baby in the spring.


– She got a divorce from him last year.


– They planned to emigrate.


– He is planning to retire from politics next year.

Make a will

– My lawyer has been urging me to make a will.


– It is as natural to die as to be born.

Stages of Life with Pictures

Human Life Cycle Chart

Human Life Cycle Vocabulary with Pictures

Human Life Stages Vocabulary Image

Members of the Family in English

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Human Life Cycle Video

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