6 Better Alternatives to “I Hope This Email Finds You Well”

Have you ever sent out emails hoping to receive feedbacks but in vain? Well, this has happened to many of us! But have you ever asked yourself why you never received any feedback? Most times we are the one who contributes greatly to this – how we introduce our email messages determines whether the receiver will respond or ignore the same! For so long, people have been writing the same phrase “Hi, I hope this email finds you well” but it’s surely not the best way to connect with your email message audience.

With this in mind, you could be wondering how you can fix the “I hope this email message finds you well” to something attractive and appealing that will prompt the reader to respond immediately. If this is your main concern, keep reading this post to the end – here we will discuss some other ways to say “I hope this email finds you well”. By the time you are done reading this post, you will be in a position to compose emails that are responded to at your convenience!

Other Ways to Say “I hope This Email Finds You Well”

Rather than boring your email message readers with the same phrase every time, you can consider something better.

Here are some 6 better, convincing alternatives to “I hope this email finds you well”

Formal Greetings

Instead of starting your emails with “I hope this email finds you well” consider formal greetings. For instance:


Starting your message with hello is simple but better than IHTEFYW (I hope this email finds you well). When you start your email with IHTEFYW, it tells them that you are so uncertain about them. Experts advise you to use an alternative that expresses confidence and certainty – especially if you are addressing people you encountered recently.

Good Morning/Good Afternoon/Good Evening

Rather than always repeating the same “IHTEFYW” thing, consider a classic pleasant greeting such as:

  • “Good Morning Boss”
  • “Good Afternoon Jane”
  • “Good evening Maureen”

This sounds a little more like you know the recipient and you are confident they are okay or will be okay with the message you are about to deliver.

– Hi

Whether you are sending out a personal or professional message, you can consider starting it with a simple “Hi” rather than “IHTEFYW”. There is no need to go deep and anticipate how the readers are or how they will be after decoding your message.

Just be simple and straight – readers want something they can easily comprehend at a glance. Lengthy phrases are likely to be ignored! Again, when emailing someone you don’t know, it advisable to be as simple and to the point as possible

Casual Greetings

If you are sending emails to your colleagues, workmates, friends, or family members, consider more casual greetings rather than the same boring phrases.

For example:

– Happy Day

This is the best salutation to consider especially if it’s on a new weekday. It’s a nice way to welcome your reader to a new day while at the same time preparing them for your message.

When you begin it this way, they will have the impression that you care about and you had their thought in mind when crafting your message.

– Quick Question

Yet another email opener you should consider other than the “IHTEFYW” is a quick email question. A well-thought question can provoke the readers’ attention so that they want to open and read your emails. A question will prompt your email receiver to respond as soon as possible – now that they know what you need (a quick answer).

– I Hope You Enjoyed Your Breakfast

If you are writing an email message to a friend, family member, or colleague, it’s good to contact them when they’ve already taken their breakfast. If you are aware that they love coffee or other drinks, refer them here e.g. “Hey, I hope you enjoyed your coffee, it is Jane and…”

The Bottom Line

If you are among the many guys who have been starting their emails with “I hope this email message finds you well”, it’s time you do something more unique. You don’t want to bore your reader with what they are already used to! Consider the alternatives we have discussed above – you will most likely boost your response rate!

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