50 Great Alternatives to “I Look Forward to Hearing From You”

The phrase “I look forward to hearing from you” is used so often in emails and letters. Writing an email isn’t only a business necessity, it is an art. You heard right. An art. Especially the beginning and ending. Sound outrageous? Think about it for a minute.

The beginning of an email grabs attention – well, if it’s good, it grabs attention. And the closing – is like the last few minutes of a movie. At least, it is if it’s done well. A good closing can be the finishing touch on contact made. It convinces the reader that further communication would be a good thing.

With this in mind, the best email closings are pleasant, concise, and persuasive. But no matter how persuasive the email is, it can’t come on too forcefully. We don’t like a lot of force. It’s just how we are. We don’t respond well if we feel like we’re being grabbed by the collar.

“I look forward to hearing from you”

That is why the phrase “I look forward to hearing from you” is used so often when people are ready to wind up an email. It is positive, polite, and suggests a satisfactory response from the reader – all without being too pushy. But as good as it is, this particular means of adding a finishing touch to online correspondence has been overused to the point that it is nearly invisible. That is why we need alternatives – to make sure the energy of our words comes across.

But when should you use the substitute? And what if the sub feels awkward? There is more to a graceful closing than first meets the email eye What is good for the goose might make the gander try to bite you before flying off.

No, that doesn’t mean females are hard to please, or that they bite people. It means to consider your audience always before writing an email.

Alternatives to “I look forward to hearing from you”

For emails sent to people the first time and general use

1. Thank you for your time. I would appreciate hearing from you soon. – Can be used in all situations, like job applications, etc.

2. Would appreciate your timely response. – Rather formal. Mostly used in emails to superiors, but can be used in all emails.

>>Example: Thank you for considering the issues I have presented. I believe the workplace would run more smoothly if some of my ideas were implemented, especially in the department where I am a supervisor. But they would need to begin soon. So I would appreciate your timely response…John Smith

3. Your wisdom would be appreciated

4. The benefit of your perspective is appreciated – Both 3 & 4 show some familiarity, so they would be sent to people with whom you have exchanged emails before, rather than a supervisor at work, or someone for whom you hope to work, etc.

5. Please remit the attached file with your signature – Pure business.

6. Please get in touch as soon as possible – Can go any direction.

7. Time passes more quickly than we expect. Please connect with us as soon as convenient – More likely to be used when you don’t know the person you are emailing. In fact, if you know the person, it may be taken either as an insult or a joke.

>>Example: Who knows what tomorrow may bring? You might just find that what you can do today, you can’t do as well tomorrow, and time passes more quickly than we expect. So don’t delay. Please connect with us as soon as convenient.

8. I anticipate networking with you – Pure business

9. Feel free to write or call during any business hours – Business

10. It will be my pleasure to be available, should you need my assistance during business hours

11. I anticipate a very useful working relationship

12. Hoping it won’t be long till I hear from you

13. Please keep me updated

14. A prompt response is appreciated

15. I am looking forward to your email

16. Hoping for information soon

17. I would appreciate any info

18. Please keep me posted

19. Hope to speak again soon

20. Talk again soon!

21. Please respond at your earliest convenience

22. Can’t wait to hear your opinions

23. I look forward to a progressive partnership

24. I anticipate working together soon

25. With best wishes, hoping to hear from you soon

26. I am excited at the prospect of hearing back from you

For people you have emailed before

#1,2,3 – Familiar business; 4 – Business friends; 5 – Friendly Business

1. As always, I appreciate your swift and thoughtful response

2. I would like to thank you for never keeping me waiting for your reply

3. Your cooperation is always appreciated

4. As always, a pleasure communicating with you. Please Let me know as soon as possible.

5. Thank you for being a reliable customer and friend

What is the difference between business friends and friendly business? Business friends might go to lunch together. Friendly business is like the checker at the store – polite but distant.

6. Keep us up on how things are going, please

When you would like to hear back before a particular date

1. Could you please have all information in by (name date)?_________

2. If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them

3. As soon as we hear from you, we can begin

4. If you reply by tomorrow, the project will be able to move forward

5. I am prepared to move forward, as soon as I hear from you

6. If you could contact us before the end of the week, it would be very helpful

7. If there is some reason not to begin the project by Friday, please let me know.

8. This matter requires input from you before the final decision can be made.

9. Your voice needs to be heard! Please let us know where you stand

10. I will begin work as soon as I receive word from you

11. Please keep me in the loop

12. Keep us apprised

13. Once I receive your feedback, I see profitable times ahead

14. When I hear from you, the project will be a “go”

15. Please update me ASAP

You sent a previous email and have not received a reply (Follow up email)

1. Perhaps I should be in contact with someone else about this matter. Would you know the best person to contact?

2. Please don’t allow this opportunity to pass

3. I have yet to hear back from you regarding__________. I know this has been a busy year, so I wanted to reach out to you one more time

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Other Ways to Say “I Look Forward to Hearing From You” in Emails

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