Learn Useful Idioms about Appearance in English

Learn 9 useful idioms about appearance in English with meaning and examples.

(Not a) spring chicken

  • Meaning: (No longer) young
  • Example: She’s no spring chicken, but she’s still very good looking.

All Dressed Up And Nowhere To Go

  • Meaning: Prepared (with clothing or otherwise) for an event that does not occur
  • Example: When my presentation was cancelled, I felt all dressed up with nowhere to go.

All Fur Coat And No Knickers

  • Meaning: Superficially attractive, physically or otherwise
  • Example: The candidate was popular during the campaign, but after she became Prime Minister, people realized she was all fur coat and no knickers.

Beauty Is Only Skin Deep

  • Meaning: External appearance is a superficial basis for judging someone.
  • Example: Sarah is gorgeous, but watch out—she has a really nasty side. Beauty is only skin deep.

Useful Idioms about Appearance in English

 Idioms about Appearance

Clean up nicely

  • Meaning: Look good when one is dressed up. Usually said of women.
  • Example: Emily usually just wears jeans and a T-shirt, but she cleans up nicely.

Dead ringer

  • Meaning: Very similar in appearance
  • Example: She’s a dead ringer for her older sister.

Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

  • Meaning: Don’t be deceived by looks; don’t rely on looks when judging someone or something.
  • Example: Don’t judge a book by its cover — she’s beautiful, but she can be very deceptive.


  • Meaning: An extremely beautiful woman
  • Example: When Samantha was in her teens she looked ordinary, but in her early 20s she turned into a real knockout!

Put one’s face on

  • Meaning: Apply cosmetics
  • Example: Let me just put my face on, and I’ll meet you at the restaurant in 15 minutes.

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