25 Idioms About Heel, Thumb, Neck, Leg, Shoulder

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Idioms About Heel, Thumb, Neck, Leg, Shoulder

Heel Idioms

Achilles’ heel

  • Meaning: The weak point of an otherwise powerful person or organization
  • ExampleManchester United are very strong this year, but their striker may be their Achilles’ heel.

(Fall) Head Over Heels

  • Meaning: (To become) infatuated, to fall suddenly in love
  • ExampleAfter just a few dates, Jennifer fell head over heels for Bill. Now she won’t talk about anything else.

Cool Your Heels

  • Meaning: Wait
  • ExampleWe agreed we’d meet at the mall at 3. But you left me cooling my heels for two whole hours.

Drag One’s feet (or Heels)

  • Meaning: To do something reluctantly and slowly
  • ExampleMy boyfriend has been dragging his feet on wedding preparations. I wonder if he really wants to marry me.

Hot on the Heels (of)

  • Meaning: In close pursuit
  • ExampleToyota far outsells any other other automotive brand in Indonesia, with Honda hot on the heels of Daihatsu for second place.

Thumb Idioms

All Thumbs

  • Meaning: Clumsy
  • ExampleDon’t trust Jack around your expensive glassware – he’s all thumbs.

Rule of Thumb

  • Meaning: A general principle or guideline, not a specific formula
  • ExampleAs a rule of thumb, you can estimate three weeks of work for each unit of the project.


  • Meaning: Approval
  • ExampleIt really pleased me that the boss gave me a thumbs-up on my presentation.

Neck Idioms

Neck and Neck

  • Meaning: Very close in a competition, with neither of two entities clearly in the lead
  • ExampleFor several years, General Motors and Toyota were neck and neck in worldwide sales, but Toyota pulled ahead.

Neck of the Woods

  • Meaning: A region, especially one’s home region
  • Example: I’ll come and see you the next time I’m in your neck of the woods.

Pain in the neck

  • Meaning: Someone or something making your life difficult
  • ExampleThis calculus homework is a real pain in the neck.


  • Meaning: Stubborn; excessively formal
  • ExampleThe boss seems stiff-necked and hard to approach, but I’ve seen her help employees who are in trouble without ever taking credit or drawing attention to herself.

Up to One’s Neck

  • Meaning: Nearly overwhelmed
  • Example: I’m up to my neck in work this week. Let’s get together next Wednesday.

Arm Idioms

Arm Candy

  • Meaning: An attractive woman accompanying a powerful or famous man at a social event
  • ExampleThe famous actor recently got divorced, but he showed up at the Academy Awards with arm candy.

Keep Someone at Arm’s Length

  • Meaning: Avoid close interaction or cooperation
  • ExampleI don’t have anything against Matthew, but we went on a date last year and it didn’t work out. So I keep him at arm’s length.

Belly Idioms

Fire in the Belly

  • Meaning: Strong ambition
  • ExampleI worry about my son. He’s smart enough to succeed, but he doesn’t have the fire in the belly.

Belly Laugh

  • Meaning: Loud, hearty laughter
  • ExampleDumb and Dumber” isn’t a sophisticated movie, but it delivers plenty of belly laughs.

Shoulder Idioms

A weight off your shoulders

  • Meaning: You no longer worry about something or deal with something difficult
  • ExampleTalking over my problem with myclose friend was a weight off my shoulders.

Have a Chip on One’s Shoulder

  • Meaning: To harbor resentment; to have an angry attitude
  • ExampleJared still has a chip on his shoulder because he didn’t get the promotion last year.

To Give Someone the Cold Shoulder

  • Meaning: To act hostile toward someone; to ignore, snub
  • ExampleWhy did you give me the cold shoulder at the party? I thought we were friends.

Leg Idioms

The Story Has Legs

  • Meaning: People are continuing to pay attention to the story
  • ExampleMany are wondering whether the story of the Trump campaign’s alleged connections with Russia will have legs, or fade away.

To Pay an Arm and a Leg

  • Meaning: A very high cost
  • Example: I had to pay an arm and a leg, but the car’s running again.

To Pull Someone’s Leg

  • Meaning: Lie playfully
  • ExampleReally? Justin Bieber is having a sex change operation?? – No. I’m pulling your leg.

Break a Leg

  • Meaning: Good luck! This is used for a stage performer-”or for anyone else who is about to give some kind of a performance, such as an important speech.
  • ExampleThe play opens tomorrow. Break a leg!

A Leg Up

  • Meaning: An advantage, a boost
  • Example: I’m going to take a summer school class. I think it’ll give me a leg up when I take calculus at the university next year.

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