20+ Useful Expressions & Idioms about Sales and Marketing

Last Updated on November 20, 2023

In this article, we will explore some of the most common idioms about sales and marketing. We will provide examples of how to use them in context and explain their meanings. By incorporating these idioms into your conversations, you can make a lasting impression on your clients and prospects and stand out from your competitors. 

List of Phrases & Idioms about Sales and Marketing

  • A tough sell
  • All It’s Cracked Up To Be
  • Close the deal
  • Cold calling
  • Deliver the Goods
  • Drive a hard bargain
  • Early adopter
  • Elevator pitch
  • Hard sell
  • In the Pipeline
  • Marketing gimmick
  • Out the Door
  • Pitch an idea
  • Price yourself out of the market
  • Sell (Someone) a Bill of Goods
  • Sell like hotcakes
  • Selling Point
  • Soft sell
  • Sold On (Something)
  • TLC
  • Word of mouth

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Idioms about Sales and Marketing with Meaning and Examples

A tough sell

  • Meaning: A product or concept that is difficult to sell or convince others to support.
  • Example: Despite its benefits, the unconventional design made the new smartphone a tough sell to traditional buyers.

All It’s Cracked Up To Be

  • Meaning: As good as expected or advertised.
  • Example: Our premium service package is all it’s cracked up to be, offering more features than our competitors.

Close the deal

  • Meaning: Successfully complete a transaction or agreement.
  • Example: It took several meetings, but we finally managed to close the deal with the investors.

Cold calling

  • Meaning: The practice of contacting potential customers who have not previously expressed interest in the offered products or services.
  • Example: We trained our sales team in cold calling to expand our client base.

Deliver the Goods

  • Meaning: To meet or exceed expectations in terms of performance or results.
  • Example: Our marketing team promised a groundbreaking campaign and they really delivered the goods.

Drive a hard bargain

  • Meaning: To negotiate terms that are very favorable to one’s own side.
  • Example: The retailer drove a hard bargain, but we managed to reach a mutually beneficial agreement.

Early adopter

  • Meaning: A person who starts using a product or technology as soon as it becomes available.
  • Example: We’re targeting early adopters to create buzz around our new app.

Elevator pitch

  • Meaning: A concise and persuasive sales pitch that can be communicated in a short period of time, such as during an elevator ride.
  • Example: We practiced our elevator pitch for the upcoming trade show to attract potential clients.

Hard sell

  • Meaning: A direct and forceful sales approach.
  • Example: We avoid the hard sell and prefer to let our products speak for themselves.

In the Pipeline

  • Meaning: Being currently in development or under consideration.
  • Example: We have several new product lines in the pipeline scheduled for release next quarter.

Marketing gimmick

  • Meaning: A unique or quirky feature used in marketing to attract attention or interest.
  • Example: The light-up packaging was just a marketing gimmick, but it increased the in-store visibility of the product.

Out the Door

  • Meaning: Refers to the final price of a product with all fees included, or the act of selling something quickly.
  • Example: We managed to get the product out the door at a competitive price point.

Pitch an idea

  • Meaning: Present an idea to someone in the hopes that they will be interested or buy into it.
  • Example: The creative team pitched an idea for an interactive ad campaign at the last meeting.

Price yourself out of the market

  • Meaning: To set a price too high for the current market, making the product or service unattractive to consumers.
  • Example: We can’t add too many premium features or we risk pricing ourselves out of the market.

Sell (Someone) a Bill of Goods

  • Meaning: To deceive someone by persuading them to accept something worthless or undesirable.
  • Example: The salesperson sold us a bill of goods promising incredible results without any evidence.

Sell like hotcakes

  • Meaning: To sell quickly and in large quantities.
  • Example: Our new line of organic juices is selling like hotcakes.

Selling Point

  • Meaning: A feature of a product that makes it attractive to customers.
  • Example: Battery life is a major selling point for many electronic devices.

Soft sell

  • Meaning: A less aggressive and more customer-friendly sales approach.
  • Example: Our sales team uses a soft sell approach, focusing on building relationships with clients.

Sold On (Something)

  • Meaning: Fully convinced of the value or benefits of something.
  • Example: We are sold on the idea that customer satisfaction is the key to repeat business.


  • Meaning: Tender loving care; extra attention to make sure something works well or is successful.
  • Example: Our product needed some TLC after the initial launch to really stand out in the market.

Word of mouth

  • Meaning: Free advertising that occurs when satisfied customers recommend products to their friends or associates.
  • Example: We value word of mouth; it’s been an essential part of growing our business.

Interactive Exercise 

Exercise: Fill in the blanks with the correct idiom

  1. “I heard that the new restaurant is amazing! Have you been there yet?” Response: “I went last week, but honestly, it wasn’t _____________. The food was just okay.”
  2. “We need you to _____________ and finish this project by Friday.” Response: “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to _____________ and get it done on time.”
  3. “What are your plans for the future?” Response: “Well, I have a few ideas _____________, but nothing concrete yet.”
  4. “I can’t believe she quit her job! She’s really _____________.” Response: “Yeah, I heard she was unhappy there for a while. I guess she finally decided to get _____________.”
  5. “I really want that designer handbag, but it’s so expensive!” Response: “Be careful not to _____________ by spending all your money on it.”
  6. “I can’t believe I fell for that sales pitch. They really _____________ me a _____________.” Response: “Yeah, it’s important to be careful when making big purchases. Don’t let anyone _____________ you something that’s not worth it.”
  7. “What’s the _____________ of this product?” Response: “Well, its main _____________ is that it’s eco-friendly and sustainable.”
  8. “Have you tried that new restaurant yet?” Response: “Yes, and I’m completely _____________ it. The food was amazing!”


  1. All It’s Cracked Up To Be
  2. Deliver the Goods
  3. In the Pipeline
  4. Out the Door
  5. Price yourself out of the market
  6. Sell (Someone) a Bill of Goods
  7. Selling Point
  8. Sold On (Something)

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