Useful Idioms about Sales and Marketing in English

Learn common Idioms about Sales and Marketing in English with meaning and examples.

All It’s Cracked Up To Be

  • Meaning: As good as claims or reputation would suggest
  • Example: Everyone’s talking about the Apple Watch, but I think it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

Deliver the Goods

  • Meaning: Provide what is expected
  • Example: I wasn’t sure about our young quarterback, but he really delivered the goods – he had 22 touchdown passes in his first season.

In the Pipeline

  • Meaning: Being prepared for the marketplace, being worked on.
  • Example: Toyota’s product lineup recently has been a little stale, but new models are in the pipeline.

Out the Door

  • Meaning: With everything included (said of a price)
  • Example: That car will cost you $8,600 out the door.

Useful Idioms about Sales and Marketing

Idioms about Sales and Marketing

Price yourself out of the market

  • Meaning: Try to sell goods or services at such a high price that nobody buys them.
  • Example: At £150,000 for a season, he really is pricing himself out of the market.

Sell (Someone) a Bill of Goods

  • Meaning: Trick someone; be deceptive
  • Example: I think I was sold a bill of goods. They promised me an office with a window, but all I got was a little cubicle.

Selling Point

  • Meaning: An attractive feature of something for sale
  • Example: Durability has always been one of the selling points of Toyota cars.

Sold On (Something)

  • Meaning: Convinced of something
  • Example: I know many stores are introducing cell phone payment systems, but we’re not sold on the idea yet.


  • Meaning: Tender Loving Care
  • Example: I’ll sell you this car for $2,000. It needs TLC, but the engine is new.

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