Crazy Idioms: 15 Useful Phrases & Idioms for Going Crazy

Crazy Idioms and Phrases! Useful idioms for going crazy in English with meaning and examples. Learn these phrases and idioms for crazy with ESL picture to help your English sound naturally.

Crazy Idioms and Expressions

List of Idioms for Going Crazy

  • Blow one’s top
  • Blow up
  • Fly off the handle
  • Freak out
  • Go ape
  • Go ballistic
  • Go bananas
  • Go berserk
  • Go bonkers
  • Go mental
  • Go nuts
  • Go off the deep end
  • Hit the roof
  • Lose it
  • Pop one’s cork

Crazy Idioms with Meaning and Examples

Blow one’s top

  • Meaning: Lose one’s temper
  • Example: I think he’ll blow his top when you give him the news.

Blow up

  • Meaning: Explode
  • Example: When I saw the look on Sarah’s face, I just know she’d blow up.

Fly off the handle

  • Meaning: Lose one’s temper suddenly and unexpectedly
  • Example: I know you’re upset, but there’s no point flying off the handle like that.

Freak out

  • Meaning: A wildly irrational reaction or spell of behavior
  • Example: Mom will freak out when she found out we broke her vase!

Go ape

  • Meaning: Express wild excitement or anger
  • Example: July will go ape if she ever hears about it.

Go ballistic

  • Meaning: Fly into a rage
  • Example: My parents went totally ballistic when they found out I’d wrecked the car!

Go bananas

  • Meaning: To become irrational or crazy
  • Example: I’ll end up going bananas if I have to work in this cubicle for one more day!

Go berserk

  • Meaning: To go crazy
  • Example: She went berserk and strangled her cat.

Go bonkers

  • Meaning: To be or become wild, restless, irrational, or crazy; to act in such a way
  • Example: The drivers in this country seem to go completely bonkers if there’s even a little bit of snow on the ground.

Go mental

  • Meaning: To suddenly become extremely angry
  • Example: My parents are going to go mental if they find out we had a party here!

Go nuts

  • Meaning: To become crazy
  • Example: The noise caused all the neighbors to go nuts.

Go off the deep end

  • Meaning: To unexpectedly become very angry, especially without a good reason
  • Example: I only put a tiny scratch on your car, so there’s no need to go off the deep end.

Hit the roof

  • Meaning: To become very angry
  • Example: My parents are going to hit the roof if they find out we had a party here!

Lose it

  • Meaning: To suddenly become unable to behave or think in a sensible way
  • Example: Mom is going to lose it when she gets home and finds out that we broke her vase.

Pop one’s cork

  • Meaning: To release one’s anger; to blow one’s top
  • Example: She tried to hold it back, but suddenly she popped her cork.

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