30+ Useful Phrases & Idioms Related to Building

In this article, we will explore some of the most common phrases and idioms related to building. We will discuss their meanings, origins, and usage in different contexts. By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of these idiomatic expressions and be able to use them in your conversations with confidence.

List of Idioms Related to Building

  • A house of cards
  • As solid as a rock
  • Back Office
  • Brick by brick
  • Build bridges
  • Build castles in the air
  • Build from the ground up
  • Build on solid ground
  • Build up walls
  • Burn bridges
  • Cement a relationship
  • Darken Someone’s Door(step)
  • From Pillar to Post
  • Get In on the Ground Floor
  • Hit a Wall
  • Hit the Roof
  • Hit the nail on the head
  • In the framework of
  • Lay the foundation
  • Lay the groundwork
  • Nail it down
  • Off the Wall
  • On solid ground
  • Put up a front
  • Raise the roof
  • The cornerstone of something
  • The roof over one’s head
  • Under construction
  • Window Dressing
  • Window Shop
  • Writing (Handwriting) on the Wall

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Building Idioms with Meaning 

Here is a list of building idioms with meaning:

Idiom Meaning
A House of Cards A situation, plan, or structure that is insubstantial and likely to collapse easily
As Solid as a Rock Very strong, stable, and dependable
Back Office The administrative and support personnel in a company who are not client-facing
Brick by Brick Slowly and steadily, building or creating something in a methodical way
Build Bridges To foster better relationships or create connections between groups or individuals
Build Castles in the Air To daydream or create unrealistic plans or hopes
Build from the Ground Up To start something from the beginning and develop it completely
Build on Solid Ground To start a project or process with a strong foundation or basis
Build Up Walls To create emotional barriers, often to avoid getting hurt
Burn Bridges To destroy relationships or connections, often irreversibly
Cement a Relationship To strengthen or stabilize a relationship
Darken Someone’s Door(step) To visit someone, often unwelcome
From Pillar to Post Moving from one place to another without finding a place to settle
Get In on the Ground Floor To become involved in something from the beginning, especially when it is expected to be
Hit a Wall To reach a point where no further progress can be made
Hit the Roof To become very angry
Hit the Nail on the Head To describe exactly what is causing a situation or problem
In the Framework of Within the context or structure of something
Lay the Foundation To establish a solid basis or groundwork for something
Lay the Groundwork To prepare the basics or preliminary work necessary to start a project
Nail it Down To finalize or secure something; to make certain of something
Off the Wall Unusual or eccentric; not within the bounds of normality
On Solid Ground In a stable or secure position, either physically or figuratively
Put up a Front To pretend or appear to be something you are not, often to hide your true feelings or situation
Raise the Roof To make a loud noise, often in protest, or to celebrate boisterously
The Cornerstone of Something The fundamental basis or main support of a system, organization, or concept
The Roof Over One’s Head A place to live; one’s home
Under Construction In the process of being built or created
Window Dressing An action or change that is made to make something look better than it really is
Window Shop To look at items in store windows without the intention of actually buying anything
Writing (Handwriting) on the Wall An omen or sign of a (usually bad) future event; a warning of trouble ahead

Building Idioms with Example

Here are some example sentences of building idioms:

Idiom Example Sentence
A house of cards Their company was just a house of cards, ready to collapse at the first sign of trouble.
As solid as a rock Their marriage is as solid as a rock after all these years.
Back Office She prefers working in the back office where it’s quieter and she can focus on her tasks.
Brick by brick They built their business brick by brick, with careful planning and hard work.
Build bridges After the argument, he tried to build bridges with his colleague by inviting him out for coffee.
Build castles in the air He’s always building castles in the air instead of making realistic plans.
Build from the ground up She built her fashion brand from the ground up, starting with just a small online store.
Build on solid ground Before starting a new project, it’s important to build on solid ground and have a good foundation.
Build up walls He tends to build up walls around himself and doesn’t let anyone get too close.
Burn bridges Be careful not to burn bridges with your old employer when you leave for a new job.
Cement a relationship Going through that difficult experience together really cemented their relationship.
Darken Someone’s Door(step) After the way he betrayed us, he is no longer welcome to darken our doorstep.
From Pillar to Post Since losing his job, he’s been sent from pillar to post looking for work.
Get In on the Ground Floor Investing in the startup early allowed him to get in on the ground floor before it became a huge success.
Hit a Wall The research team hit a wall when they couldn’t replicate the experiment’s results.
Hit the Roof My parents are going to hit the roof when they see my report card.
Hit the nail on the head You really hit the nail on the head when you said the problem was a lack of communication.
In the framework of The negotiations took place in the framework of the existing trade agreements.
Lay the foundation The early training sessions will lay the foundation for the team’s success throughout the season.
Lay the groundwork Before launching the product, we need to lay the groundwork with some targeted marketing.
Nail it down We need to nail down the details of the contract before we proceed any further.
Off the Wall His ideas are sometimes off the wall, but they often lead to innovative solutions.
On solid ground After months of uncertainty, the project is finally on solid ground.
Put up a front Despite the setbacks, he put up a front of confidence to reassure his team.
Raise the roof The fans are ready to raise the roof for their team at tonight’s game.
The cornerstone of something Trust is the cornerstone of any successful relationship.
The roof over one’s head During the crisis, many people were grateful just to have a roof over their heads.
Under construction The new community center has been under construction for over a year now.
Window Dressing The company’s charity work was just window dressing to distract from its environmental record.
Window Shop We spent the afternoon window shopping, even though we didn’t plan to buy anything.
Writing (Handwriting) on the Wall The writing on the wall indicated that the company was heading towards financial trouble.

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