IIRC Meaning: What Does IIRC Mean? (with Useful Text Conversations)

What does IIRC mean? Learn the definition and how to use this online slang word with ESL infographic and texting conversation examples in English.

IIRC Meaning

What Does IIRC Mean?

IIRC stands for “If I Recall Correctly/If I Remember Correctly”.

The slang is used to set the record straight when it appears that some facts from the past are being recounted incorrectly on a glaring scale.

Many people who are into the texting culture know what this slang word means, especially those active on social media.

Similar Internet Slang Words

  • IIHC = If I Heard Correctly
  • IIAC = If I Am Correct

Conversation Examples

Example 1:

  • Tom: Did you the U.S hosted the regular Olympics in 2001?
    Jame: IIRC, there wasn’t even an Olympics event that year.

Example 2:

  • Chris: IIRC, you could not accept my loan offer because you thought it would humiliating. But now, I hear you posted an appeal for financial help on your Facebook page. This is ridiculous.
    Fred: And IIRC, the last time you lent me some money you told it to everyone you knew, why would I accept your offers anymore?

Other Meanings

  • It Is Really Cool
  • If I Really Cared
  • Image Identity Research Collective
  • Interactive Illinois Report Card
  • International Integrated Reporting Council
  • If I Read Correctly
  • If It Really Counts
  • Internet Information Research Center

IIRC Meaning Infographic


Other Ways to Say IIRC

“If I Recall Correctly” Synonyms List

  • If my memory serves me right
  • If I am not mistaken
  • If my memory serves me correctly
  • As far as I remember
  • As I remember
  • If I remember right

Synonyms for “If I Recall Correctly” with Examples

If my memory serves me right

  • If my memory serves me right, the missing jewel was in the hands of that shopkeeper.

If I am not mistaken

  • If I am not mistaken, I think you come from China.

If my memory serves me correctly

  • If my memory serves me correctly, he lived in Paris for a while.

As far as I remember

  • As far as I remember, I let him finish his replies!

As I remember

  • We were sitting, as I remember, in a riverside restaurant.

If I remember right

  • If I remember right, first home matches have been similar for a few years now.

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