85+ Synonyms for “In Addition” | Other Ways to Say “In Addition”

When we want to add information or express that something is in addition to what has already been mentioned, there are many synonyms that can make our writing richer and more varied. Using synonyms for “in addition” helps us avoid repetition, creates emphasis, and enhances the flow of our writing. It’s not just about expanding our vocabulary; it’s about choosing the right word that fits the context and tone we’re aiming for.

In Addition Synonyms

IN ADDITION Synonym: List of 80+ Synonyms for In addition with Useful Examples

What Is “In Addition”?

“In addition” is a phrase we use to introduce an extra piece of information or to indicate that something is being included. It’s a handy connector in our sentences, helping us add on and build up our ideas.

List of Synonyms for In Addition

  • Furthermore
  • Moreover
  • Additionally
  • Also
  • Besides
  • Further
  • Likewise
  • As well
  • Too
  • Along with
  • Not to mention
  • What’s more
  • On top of that
  • In conjunction with
  • In the same vein
  • Equally
  • Secondarily
  • Added to that
  • To boot
  • In the bargain
  • Over and above that
  • Into the bargain
  • Plus
  • And
  • Withal
  • As an extra
  • In the same way
  • Similarly
  • Correspondingly
  • By the same token
  • As a matter of fact
  • Indeed
  • In a similar fashion
  • Then again
  • Subsequently
  • Alongside
  • As a bonus
  • Coupled with
  • In like manner
  • Concurrently
  • Not only… but also
  • As well as
  • Together with
  • In addition to
  • Apart from
  • Beyond
  • Supplementarily
  • To say nothing of
  • Let alone
  • Including
  • Next to
  • Adjunctly
  • In tandem with
  • As another point
  • To supplement
  • To add to that
  • Complementarily
  • In parallel
  • Analogously
  • In a related note
  • To continue
  • By extension
  • In addition to this/that
  • On another note
  • In addition to what has been said
  • To top it off
  • As a complement
  • In the light of
  • Notwithstanding
  • At the same time
  • On top of which
  • In addition to the foregoing
  • As an addition
  • As an adjunct
  • In the context of
  • In addition to everything else
  • To go further
  • In the wake of
  • Following on from
  • As an extension
  • To build on that
  • In the second place
  • In addition to being
  • As a follow-up
  • Along the same lines
  • In the same context
  • In continuation

Types of Synonyms for In Addition

Subtle Variations

  • Additionally: Often interchangeable with “in addition,” this implies a seamless addition to what has already been mentioned.
  • Furthermore: Used to impart a stronger sense of continuation from the previous point.
  • Moreover: Suggests that the additional information is of equal or greater importance.

Informal Alternates

  • Plus: A succinct, colloquial option for adding information.
  • Also: A versatile choice that fits comfortably in both formal and informal settings.

Formal Alternatives

  • Additionally: Appropriate for written reports or presentations to add further information.
  • Moreover: Provides a formal way to add weight to an argument or point.

Common Synonyms for In Addition

In Addition vs. Additionally

In addition often introduces a complementary idea, implying the continuity of a list or argument. Contrastingly, additionally can serve the same purpose but is sometimes preferred for adding information that is not only supplementary but also emphasizes an extra point.

  • “The plan is cost-effective, and additionally, it is extremely scalable.”
  • “We must consider the environmental impacts. In addition, the economic aspects cannot be neglected.”

In Addition vs. Moreover

In addition implies a straightforward continuation of points. Moreover tends to add weight to the preceding statement, enriching it with significant supplementary information.

  • “She leads the team efficiently. Moreover, her innovative strategies have doubled our productivity.”
  • “He is a remarkable scholar. In addition, his contributions to charity are commendable.”

In Addition vs. Furthermore

While in addition is a common connector, furthermore is a bit more formal and is often used to strengthen an argument by providing more compelling evidence. Compared to furthermore, “in addition” can feel less forceful and is more commonly used in casual contexts.

  • “Our project timeline is tight. In addition, we need to account for potential delays.”
  • “The research is incomplete. Furthermore, the methodology used is outdated.”

In Addition vs. Also

Also is often used interchangeably with “in addition”, but it can be more versatile. It can introduce new information or reiterate a previously stated fact differently. In some cases, “in addition” might suggest a stronger sense of augmentation than also.

  • “We’re expanding our services. In addition, we’re exploring new markets.”
  • “Our product is affordable. It is also user-friendly.”

Academic Writing Standards

In academic writing, it is crucial that we adhere to standards that convey professionalism and precision. Synonyms for “in addition,” such as moreoverfurthermore, and additionally, should be integrated seamlessly into our prose to build cogent arguments without redundancy. We are to use these terms when elaborating on points or introducing related information.

We must also be mindful of the following academic conventions:

  • Avoid Contractions: For clarity and formality, we use full forms (e.g., cannot instead of can’t).
  • Precision in Language: Select words that best convey the intended meaning in the context of the subject matter.
  • Objective Tone: Maintain an impartial tone, despite our natural biases, ensuring that conclusions are supported by evidence.
  • Appropriate Synonym Usage: Replace “in addition” with suitable alternatives that suit the academic context:
Formal Term Usage Example
Additionally Additionally, our findings support this claim.
Furthermore Furthermore, we will investigate these results.
Moreover Moreover, the study provides conclusive evidence.

Lexical Variety in Formal Writing

In formal writing, the utility of a broad vocabulary cannot be overstated. Our ability to express nuanced ideas and construct compelling arguments is often augmented by our choice of words. Specifically, when aiming to add information in academic texts, it is prudent for us to select synonyms for “in addition” that elevate our language and clarify our intentions.

Here are a few formal alternatives:

  • Moreover: We may opt for “moreover” to introduce information that not only adds to the discussion but also reinforces our previous statements.
  • Furthermore: “Furthermore” is useful when we seek to provide additional support or evidence that strengthens our argument.
  • Additionally: When we wish to simply add another point without necessarily intensifying the previous one, “additionally” is an apt choice.
Synonym Use Case
Moreover To introduce information that reinforces the argument
Furthermore To offer extra support or evidence
Additionally To present an additional point

We must ensure that our synonyms not only fit the context but also maintain the flow and coherence of our work. In doing so, we cultivate writings that are both professional and engaging.

Synonyms for In Addition in Different Contexts

Academic Writing

  • Moreover: Researchers have noted a significant increase in temperature. Moreover, the rate of ice melt has accelerated.
  • Furthermore: The study provides insights into cellular functions. Furthermore, it opens new avenues for research.

Everyday Conversations

  • Plus: I love the design of this phone. Plus, it has an impressive battery life.
  • Also: She’s an excellent violinist. She also plays the piano.

Business Communications

  • Additionally: The company will expand its operations to Europe. Additionally, it will hire more staff.
  • As well as: Our team achieved its sales targets, as well as improved customer satisfaction.

Written Narratives

  • Furthermore: The forest was brimming with life. Furthermore, a mystical aura seemed to envelop it.
  • On top of that: The room was decorated with candles, and on top of that, roses adorned each table.

Absolute and Near Synonyms of In Addition

Absolute Synonyms for In Addition

Synonym Meaning
additionally As a further element or ingredient; moreover
moreover Used to introduce additional information that reinforces or supports the point being made
also In addition to; as well
plus In addition to; along with
besides Used to add another point or fact to one already mentioned

Near Synonyms for In Addition

Synonym Meaning
furthermore In addition to what has been stated; moreover
as well as In addition to; and also
on top of In addition to; along with a previous point
along with Accompanying; in addition to

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some informal substitutes for ‘in addition’?

In everyday conversation, we might use phrases like “plus,” “also,” or “as well as” to add information without formal undertones.

How can I express the concept of ‘in addition’ differently in writing?

When writing, we can opt for alternatives such as “furthermore,” “moreover,” or “besides” to enrich our language and clarify our message.

Can you provide a short synonym for ‘in addition’ suitable for resumes?

On resumes, we often utilize concise terms like “plus” or “and” to convey additive information efficiently.

What terms can replace ‘in addition’ in mathematical contexts?

In mathematics, we typically use symbols like “+,” or the word “sum” to indicate addition, keeping the language precise and technical.

How might one say ‘in addition to’ in a more conversational tone?

We commonly say “on top of that” or “along with” when we’re aiming for a tone that’s more conversational in nature.

Which word variations can I use to mean ‘in addition’ in academic papers?

In academic writings, we incorporate terms such as “additionally,” “conjointly,” or “not to mention” to introduce supplemental information with academic formality.

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