INCREASE Synonym: List of 27 Synonyms for Increase in English 1

INCREASE Synonym: List of 27 Synonyms for Increase in English

Increase Synonym! This lesson provides a list of synonyms for increase with example sentences and ESL pictures. Learning those words to use instead of increase will help you expand your vocabulary.

Increase Synonym

List of Synonyms for Increase

  • Accretion 
  • Accrual 
  • Add to 
  • Advance 
  • Aggrandize 
  • Amplify 
  • Augment 
  • Augmentation 
  • Boost 
  • Develop 
  • Elevate 
  • Enhance 
  • Enlarge 
  • Expand 
  • Expansion 
  • Extend 
  • Heighten 
  • Increment 
  • Intensify 
  • Magnify 
  • Multiply 
  • Plus 
  • Proliferation 
  • Raise 
  • Rise
  • Strengthen 
  • Supplement 

Increase Synonyms Infographic

INCREASE Synonym: List of 27 Synonyms for Increase in English

Synonyms for Increase

Increase Synonyms with Examples

Learn another word for increase with example sentences.

  • Accretion (n)

The fund was increased by the accretion of new shareholders.

  • Accrual (n)

That person may sue for any trespass committed since the accrual of the right of entry.

  • Add to (v)

This show will no doubt add to his growing reputation.

  • Advance (n)

 An advance on wages was made.

  • Aggrandize (v)

 All he desired was to aggrandize his estate.

  • Amplify (v)

The accompanying chords have been amplified in our arrangement.

  • Augment (v)

He would have to find work to augment his income.

  • Augmentation (n)

The augmentation of the army began along traditional lines.

  • Boost (v)

The new service helped boost pre-tax profits by 10%.

  • Develop (v) 

Team sports help to develop a child’s social skills.

  • Elevate (v) 

Emotional stress can elevate blood pressure.

  • Enhance (v)

The company is trying to enhance its cash flow.

  • Enlarge (v) 

Reading will enlarge your vocabulary.

  • Expand (v)

We have to expand the size of the image.

  • Expansion (n)

 The expansion of higher education will continue.

  • Extend (v) 

We shall have to extend the payments over an additional period.

  • Heighten (v)

 This will heighten your awareness of little-word buildup, and help you revise quickly.

  • Increment (v/n)

The contract includes a salary increment every six months.

  • Intensify (v)

 The conflict is almost bound to intensify.

  • Magnify (v)

The camera’s zoom mode can magnify a certain area if required.

  • Multiply (v)

This will multiply our chances of success.

  • Plus (v) 

The total cost was $10, 000, plus 14% interest.

  • Proliferation (n)

The proliferation of the colorectal lines was unaffected by histamine.

  • Raise (v)

The estate is holding an auction to raise money.

  • Rise (v)

The probability is that prices will rise rapidly.

  • Strengthen (v/n)

The organization strengthened its efforts to expand such programs.

  • Supplement

The payments are a supplement to his usual salary.

Synonyms for Increase with Examples | Infographic

INCREASE Synonym: List of 27 Synonyms for Increase in English

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