50 Common Informal Contractions to Sound Like a Native

Learn an extensive list of 50 Common Informal Contractions with examples to sound more fluent in English.

Common Informal Contractions

Ain’t = Am not/are not/is not

  • Example: She ain’t hungry.

Ain’t = Has not/have not

  • E.g. He ain’t done it yet.

Wanna = Want to

  • E.g. I wanna go home.

Wanna = Want a

  • E.g. I wanna coffee.

Whatcha = What have you

  • E.g. Whatcha got there?

Kinda = Kind of

  • E.g. Anna’s kinda cute.

Sorta = Sort of

  • E.g. She’s sorta tired.

Outta = Out of

  • E.g. I’m outta money.

Alotta = A lot of

  • E.g. I eat alotta chocolate.

Lotsa = Lots of

  • E.g. He has lotsa money.

Mucha = Much of

  • E.g. It’s not mucha a surprise, is it?

Cuppa = Cup of

  • E.g. Would you like a cuppa tea?

Dunno = Don’t know

  • E.g. I dunno.

Lemme = Let me

  • E.g. Lemme see!

Gimme = Give me

  • E.g. Gimme the book!

Tell’em = Tell them

  • E.g. We should tell’em the truth.

Cos = Because

  • E.g. I cry cos I’m in pain.

Innit? = Isn’t it?

  • E.g. It’s blue, innit?

I’mma = I’m going to

  • E.g. I’mma talk to my mother.

Gonna = Going to

  • E.g. I’m gonna tell you the truth.

Needa = Need to

  • E.g. You needa know about Jame.

Oughta = Ought to

  • E.g. You oughta phone your brother.

Hafta = Have to

  • E.g. We hafta go.

Hasta = Has to

  • E.g. John hasta work today.

Usta = Used to

  • E.g. She usta live in France.

Supposta = Supposed to

  • E.g. I’m supposta start a new job on Monday.

Gotta = Got to

  • E.g. You’ve gotta go.

Cmon = Come on

  • E.g. Cmon, let’s do it together!

Ya = You/ you are

  • E.g. I miss ya.

Gotta = (have) got a

  • E.g. Have you gotta phone?

Shoulda = Should have

  • E.g. She shoulda called yesterday.

Shouldna = Shouldn’t have

  • E.g. I’m sorry, I shouldna told you that.

Wouldna = Wouldn’t have

  • E.g. I wouldna done that if I were you.

She’da = She would have

  • E.g. She’da been prepared for class.

Coulda = Could have

  • E.g. He coulda been here by 5:00.

Woulda = Would have

  • E.g. He woulda arrived soon.

Mighta = Might have

  • E.g. You mighta left the book at the airport.

Mightna = Mightn’t have

  • E.g. She mightna caught her train.

Musta = Must have

  • E.g. She musta been in a hurry.

Mussna = Must not have

  • E.g. You mussna stolen the money.

Dontcha = Don’t you

  • E.g. Dontcha see it?

Wontcha = Won’t you

  • E.g. Wontcha watch this film?

Whatcha = What are you

  • E.g. Whatcha doing?

Betcha = Bet you

  • E.g. Betcha can’t guess who she is!

Gotcha = Got you

  • E.g. We gotcha!

D’you = Do you

  • E.g. D’you like him?

Didntcha = Didn’t you

  • E.g. Didntcha like this book?

Dija = Did you

  • E.g. Did you do it?

S’more = Some more

  • E.g. I will need s’more time.

Layder = Later

  • E.g. See ya layder.

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50 Common Informal Contractions to Sound Like a Native