INSURE vs ENSURE: What’s the Difference between Ensure vs Insure?

Difference between Insure vs Ensure. Some American dictionaries give ensure as a synonym to insure, thus suggesting that these words can be used one instead of the other in a sentence. Even though this might be the case in spoken English, there is a difference between these two verbs. If you want to speak correctly and have other people understand exactly what you want to say, it’s important to know it.


Insure vs Ensure Definition

INSURE is the term mostly used when you’re talking about safeguarding yourself or your property against loss or damage, i.e. when you’re getting insurance. ENSURE, on the other hand, means “to guarantee, to make sure”.


  • How much will it cost to INSURE my car against accident?
  • Many companies won’t INSURE young drivers.
  • I will ENSURE that the car arrives by six o’clock.
  • The campaign will hopefully ENSURE the survival of the tiger.

When to Use Ensure vs Insure

Let’s say that you want to buy insurance for your car. This example is easy: you’d say, “I want to INSURE my car”. Or, let’s say that someone stole the painting that was hanging on a wall in one of your friend’s house. You might say, “He wasn’t worried about what happened because the painting was INSURED”.

In a different example, let’s say that your aunt wants to visit you but she doesn’t want to arrive at your door when you aren’t home. So, she wants to call you before getting on the bus, so you’re ready to greet her thirty minutes later. One of the things she can tell you is, “I’ll call you to ENSURE that you are home”.

You can even use these two words in the same sentence: “I want to ENSURE that this house is INSURED”. In other words, you want to make sure that this house is legally safeguarded against damage.

How can you remember which word fits in which sentence? If you’re talking about insurance, go for insure. If you can replace the verb with “make sure”, ensure is what you’re looking for.

Insure vs Ensure Examples:

  • An insurance company will insure your life.
  • They refused to insure us because they said we’re too old.
  • You should insure the painting for at least £100,000.
  • Vaccinations insure one against diseases.
  • No one will insure him because of his heart condition.
  • We can ensure that the work shall be done in the right way.
  • Our role is to ensure liaison between schools and parents.
  • The shoe has a special strap to ensure correct fit.
  • They could not ensure a smooth transfer of political power.
  • No one can ensure that he’ll come.

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Ensure vs Insure: Difference between Insure vs Ensure

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