ITT Meaning and How Do You Use this Internet Acronym?

Last Updated on June 30, 2023

What does ITT stand for? English can be a pretty challenging language to learn. It gets even harder once you’ve learned the basics and are trying to conquer acronyms and slang. We’re here to help! This page discusses the use and meaning of the acronym “ITT”.

Key Takeaways

  • ITT is an abbreviation for “In This Thread” used to specify topics in online discussions
  • This abbreviation originated in message boards and forums to clarify intentions within a conversation
  • ITT is now used across various online platforms to enhance discussion organization and understanding.

ITT Meaning

What Does “ITT” Mean?

In This Thread

ITT is an acronym for In This Thread. It is commonly used in online forums, social networking sites, and message boards to indicate a discussion topic in a particular thread. Threads are essentially a series of messages, or posts, that follow a specific conversation. The use of ITT is prevalent on sites like Reddit where threads can span across numerous pages, making it helpful to have an overview or summary. Participants in a thread are often discussing and commenting on the thread’s main topic. For example, someone might post “ITT: We share our favorite books” to initiate a conversation about people’s favorite books.

Invitation To Tender

Another meaning for ITT is Invitation To Tender. It is typically used in the context of business and contract negotiations. However, this definition is not relevant to the online language or the acronym’s use in internet forums. The primary focus of this article is the In This Thread meaning of ITT.

Origin Of ITT

In the early days of the Internet, online forums and discussion boards became a popular medium for people to share information, ideas, and opinions. Threads, which are a collection of posts and comments on a specific topic, evolved as a way to organize these online discussions. It was during this time that the initialism “ITT,” meaning “In This Thread,” started to gain traction.

The exact origin of the term ITT is not well-documented, but its usage can be traced back to the late 1990s and early 2000s when internet forums were booming. It was used as a shorthand to indicate that the subject matter of a discussion or comment would only pertain to the current thread.

Users began to employ ITT as a convenient way to summarize or preface their forum posts, ensuring that readers understood the context of the discussion within a particular thread. For example, a user could write “ITT, we discuss bunnies” to establish the topic of conversation as bunnies and to encourage engagement with the thread.

As forums and message boards continued to develop, ITT became a fixture in online communication and a recognizable part of internet parlance. Today, it is still widely used across various online platforms, including social media sites, such as Reddit.

While English was the primary language for many early internet forums, the linguistic versatility of ITT allowed it to be easily adopted into discussions in other languages as well. Its straightforward and concise nature contributed to its widespread uptake across the international online community.

When to Use “ITT”

Use ITT for “in this thread” when you’re trying to specify where something is that you’re talking about, or clarifying the limits of a post. For instance, it can be used to specify that all comments on a particular post relate to the same topic, or even just what the starting topic is for the thread. It can also be used with some sarcasm or tongue-in-cheek humor to indicate types of expected responses or that the topic itself might seem silly or contain sarcasm.

For the other uses of ITT, you’ll likely know when you need to use the acronyms since they’re more specialized and refer to proper nouns or names.

ITT Examples In Conversation, Texting, and Social Posts

In this section, we provide examples of how the abbreviation “ITT” (In This Thread) is used in various contexts, such as conversation, texting, and social media posts.

In online conversations, particularly on platforms like Reddit and online forums, ITT is often used to refer to the content of the current thread or post. For instance, in a Reddit post asking a question like, “What overhyped game is actually trash?”, someone might comment using the abbreviation ITT to present their view of the general opinions in the thread.

When it comes to texting and instant messaging, the use of ITT is less common but can still be employed to refer to a specific topic being discussed within a group chat or message thread. Participants might use ITT to highlight the main subject, such as “ITT: Planning for next weekend’s trip”.

In social media posts, like on Facebook and Twitter, ITT is often utilized when sharing a link or article with a particular focus, encouraging followers to check out the content. For example, a user might share an article on a specific learning app and caption it, “ITT: A great new app for language learning!”

The use of ITT on popular websites, such as the community-driven platform Reddit, often falls into categories like r/AskReddit or r/NoStupidQuestions. It is used to guide the discussion, setting the tone or focus of the comments.

While the abbreviation ITT remains primarily limited to textual conversations and online forums, its application can extend to various online platforms that foster discussion and sharing. The key to understanding ITT is recognizing its role in summarizing and directing the conversation within a particular thread or topic.

Here are some examples of how you might see ITT used.

Examples in Statements

ITT: Real life ghost stories

ITT I admit to nothing.

ITT: People being upset about everything!

ITT is not a phrase generally used in actual conversation.

More about ITT Terminology

Similar Acronyms

There are a few acronyms that are pretty close to ITT, and some of them even have related meanings. There are two that you’re fairly likely to see or hear.

IT is an acronym for Information Technology. This is used to cover many different jobs related to computers and the Internet. You might hear something like, “Call IT,” if you need a computer fixed or if the internet isn’t working in your office. Most schools also have staff on-site for IT issues.

IFTTT is an online service that can interface with smart devices and helps you automate things. “If This, Then That,” as the company used to be called, is one of the most popular third-party integration services.

Alternatives to ITT

The best alternative to using any acronym is to write out what you’re saying, and ITT is no exception. Spelling out what you’re trying to say means there’s much less room for misunderstanding. The trade-off is that it takes a little longer to type and to read.

Other Meanings of “ITT”

There are other meanings for ITT besides “in this thread,” but luckily, they’re all different enough that you’re not likely to mix them up, as long as you’re given a little bit of context.

ITT Tech was a well-known technical institute. It was one of the biggest for-profit schools in the US before it closed and still gets referenced in some circles, especially if you’re talking about education for IT degrees and other specialized degree programs.

ITT in the public sector or governmental terms refers to “invitation to tender.” Governments and large companies can put out an ITT when they want companies to bid on a chance to complete a job. For instance, the government might have an ITT looking for a new kind of computer, and the bidder who has the lowest price and can meet their terms will generally win.

What Does ITT Stand for? | Infographic

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ITT abbreviation used for in online forums?

ITT stands for “In This Thread” and is commonly used in online forums, especially on sites like Reddit. It is a way for users to indicate that their comment or post is referring to the content, theme, or discussion taking place within a specific thread.

How is ITT used in the context of business?

In the context of business, ITT can refer to “Invitation To Tender,” which is a formal process by which organizations invite potential suppliers to submit bids or proposals for supplying goods or services. Companies typically use ITTs to ensure a competitive and transparent procurement process.

What does ITT mean in research settings?

In research settings, ITT can mean “Intention To Treat.” This is a design principle used in clinical trials where participants are analyzed based on the group they were originally assigned to, regardless of whether they completed the intervention or not. This approach helps preserve the randomization of the trial and reduces the risk of bias in the results.

In what ways is ITT relevant to technology?

ITT can also stand for “Information Technology and Telecommunications.” In this context, it refers to the convergence of computer systems and communication technologies, enabling organizations to process, store, and transmit digital information efficiently.

How does ITT apply to aviation?

In aviation, ITT denotes “Interstage Turbine Temperature.” This term represents the temperature measured between the high-pressure and low-pressure turbines in a jet engine. Monitoring ITT is crucial for ensuring optimum engine performance and preventing potential damage caused by excessive heat.

What is the significance of ITT in the medical field?

In the medical field, ITT may stand for “Intrathecal Therapy,” which involves the direct delivery of medication into the cerebrospinal fluid surrounding the spinal cord. This method provides targeted drug administration for conditions such as cancer, chronic pain, or bacterial infections, potentially improving treatment efficacy and minimizing side effects.

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