Jizzle Meaning: What It Stands for on Social Media (with Useful Conversations)

The slang term “jizzle” sounds funny, but it’s used to refer to something that males are often most familiar with; some females too. If you saw this term used and you came here searching for its meaning, then you have come to the right spot. You will find the meaning of this phrase below, along with information about its origin and some alternate meanings if there are any.

Example conversations have been provided below all that information so you can see how the term is used in proper context in the hopes that it will help you learn how to use it for yourself and gain a deeper knowledge of the definition. Finally, you will learn some synonyms that you can use in place of this term to convey the same meaning.

Jizzle Meaning

What Does Jizzle Mean?

This slang term is used as an alternative word for semen.

Origin of Jizzle

There are no specific details regarding the origin of this term. However, most guess that this form of slang originated from the slang term “jizz” meaning the action of ejaculating.

Other Meanings

There are currently no other known meanings of this slang term.

Conversation Examples

A conversation between two friends via text message.

  • Friend 1: How do I tell a girl that I would like to shoot my jizzle all over her chest?
  • Friend 2: I wouldn’t do that if I were you.
  • Friend 1: Why not if it’s the truth?
  • Friend 2: Truth or not, it is a good way to get slapped in the face unless you know the girl well. However, even that is not a guarantee she won’t slap you.
  • Friend 1: You sound as if you are speaking from experience. LOL!

An online discussion between two Twitter users.

  • User 1: I have a question. A friend asked me how to go about telling a girl he wanted to jizzle all over her chest. I told him not to because it’s a good way to get slapped. Anyone else think I am right?
  • User 2: I can tell you if a guy said that to me, the last thing he would be doing with me is putting his jizzle anywhere. And yes, his face would be burning with the slap that I would most assuredly serve him.

Synonyms for Jizzle

There are several other slang terms that you can use to fill in for this phrase that mean the same thing. Some other words that you could use instead include:

Jizzle Meaning Infographic