60 Other Ways to Say “Just Kidding” and “It’s Funny” in English

Expressions like “just kidding” or “it’s funny,” while descriptive enough and to the point, are somewhat stale and would not be suitable for every circumstance or state of affairs.

For this reason, you might want to look for other ways to say them that fit within your particular situation. Luckily, we’ve been able to compile a plethora of sentences that might be helpful for both formal and informal settings.

Stick around to discover formal and informal alternatives to these common but overused phrases.

Just Kidding

“Just kidding” is said immediately after an action or statement that could otherwise be understood as offensive or discourteous. It’s an utterance meant to clarify that you do not intend your words or gestures to be taken at face value.

Formal Ways to Say “Just Kidding”

  1. “I was being facetious.”
  2. “It was just a joke.”
  3. “Please don’t mind me.”
  4. “I was merely jesting.”
  5. “I was acting foolishly.”
  6. “I wasn’t being serious.”

Informal Ways to Say “Just Kidding”

  1. “Just poking fun at you.”
  2. “Just teasing ya!”
  3. “I was just messing with you.”
  4. “Just being silly.”
  5. “Just fooling around with you.”
  6. “Relax, I’m just playing around!”

Idiomatic/Slang Ways to Say “Just Kidding”

  1. “I’m just pulling your leg!” (the idiom “pulling someone’s leg” might have originated out of a century-old practice by thieves and pick-pockets to confuse victims in Victorian-era London, though that’s disputed.)
  2. Chill, bro! I was just fooling with you!”
  3. “J/k” (“Just Kidding.”)
  4. “I’m yankin’ your chain” (in reference to the 1800s practice of jerking the chains attached to a dog or prisoner).
  5. “Schkiddin”
  6. “I’m being tongue-in-cheek” (a term that alluded to a facial expression initially suggesting contempt but then conveyed the idea of biting one’s tongue to prevent uncontrollable laughter).

It’s Funny

“It’s funny” is a phrase indicating that something that was just said or experienced caused “curiosity” or “amusement”. In this instance, we’ll focus on the latter meaning.

Formal Ways to Say “It’s Funny”

  1. “I find that amusing.”
  2. “That’s very humorous.”
  3. “That makes me laugh.”
  4. “It’s entertaining.”
  5. “I find that very comical.”
  6. “It’s highly clever!”

Informal Ways to Say “It’s Funny”

  1. “That’s ludicrous!”
  2. “That’s hilarious!”
  3. “It made me burst into laughter.”
  4. “That’s hysterical.”
  5. “That’s wacky!”
  6. “Ha-ha!”

Idiomatic Ways to Say “It’s Funny”

  1. “Cracks me up!”
  2. “Priceless!”
  3. “LOL” (“laughing out loud.”)
  4. LMAO” (“laughing my a** off.”)
  5. “ROFLMAO” (“rolling on the floor laughing my a** off.”)
  6. “That was sidesplitting” (a term that appeared around the 1820s to describe a type of laughter so powerful that it could “split your sides open”).

Different Ways to Say “Just Kidding”

  1. Don’t take it seriously!
  2. I was only jesting.
  3. I was only playing around.
  4. I’m just fooling around.
  5. I’m just having a laugh.
  6. I’m just messing with you.
  7. I’m just poking fun at you.
  8. I’m just pulling your leg.
  9. I’m only being silly.
  10. It was only a joke.
  11. Just joking!
  12. Just teasing you!
  13. Just trying to take the Mickey.

Different Ways to Say “It’s Funny”

  1. LOL (laugh-out-loud)
  2. It’s hilarious
  3. It made me laugh
  4. It cracks me up
  5. I burst out laughing
  6. I couldn’t stop laughing
  7. It was amusing
  8. It was comical
  9. It was humorous
  10. It was priceless
  11. It was side-splitting
  12. It cracked me up
  13. It had me dying of laughter

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