“Kat” Meaning | What Does The Slang Term “Kat” Mean?

The slang term “kat” can be difficult to pinpoint the meaning of even when you are familiar with the term. Often the meaning must be taken from the context in which the term is used. Here you will find the meaning of its most common usage, the origin of the term if available, and some alternative meanings if any exist.

You will also see some example conversations that illustrate the proper use of this term to help you better understand its meaning. Finally, you will discover some other phrases or words that you can use in place of this term to convey the same meaning.

“Kat” Meaning

What Does “Kat” Mean?

This slang term is used to describe a beautiful girl who is sweet, kind, and has a good heart. A girl who makes the best friend and would do anything for anyone.

Origin of “Kat”

There is no known information regarding the origin of this slang term.

Other Meanings

As a standalone term, the word has many different meanings. In most circumstances, the term is used to describe a female according to the definition stated above. However, it can be used to define the opposite type of female who is mean, rude, and cold-hearted.

The term can be used as an acronym also to represent many different things. Some of the things it can represent as an acronym are “known answer test,” “Knoxville area transit,” “kids and technology,” “kids around town,” and “Kappa Alpha Theta.” This term can also be used as a nickname for popular names like Katherine or Katrina.

Conversation Examples

A text message exchange between two friends.

  • Friend 1: Have you seen the new girl who just moved down the street from me?
  • Friend 2: Yes, I met her the other day.
  • Friend 1: What do you think of her?
  • Friend 2: She’s a kat!

An online conversation between two Facebook users.

  • User 1: A lot of celebrities let the fame go to their heads, but Sandra Bullock has remained so genuine.
  • User 2: Yes, she is one of my favorite actresses and she is a real kat.

Synonyms for “Kat”

There are several phrases that you could use to substitute for the use of this term to convey the same meaning. Some of the other phrases you could use in its place include:

Kat Meaning Infographic