What Does “Kiss My Ass” Mean, and How Do You Use this Idiom?

“Kiss my ass” is an idiomatic phrase you may hear and occasionally see a little more than you want to due to its popularity as a rebuttal. If you are struggling with understanding this phrase, then you have arrived in the right spot. Here you will find the meaning of this phrase and some information about its origin if that information exists. You will also see how the phrase is used in example sentences and conversations. Finally, some suggestions will appear at the end in case you need an alternative, less vulgar way to say “kiss my ass” but still convey the same meaning.

“Kiss My Ass”

Kiss My Ass Meaning

The idiomatic phrase “kiss my ass” can mean either go away and leave me alone or it can be in response to something that someone has told you to do and you refuse to do it.

Origin of this idiomatic expression

The idiom “kiss my ass” was derived from the original phrase “kiss my arse.” The phrase “kiss my arse” first appeared in the year 1705 and was considered a phrase that was a stronger rebuttal then “go to hell” due to its implied vulgarity. The phrase was changed eventually to “kiss my ass” over the years as vulgar words became more acceptable. The word “ass” was chosen to replace “arse” because the two words are synonyms.

“Kiss My Ass” Examples

Example Sentences

  • I heard Sam mutter kiss my ass when his dad told him he needed to take out the trash before he left the house.
  • Anyone who agrees that violent video games cause school shootings can kiss my ass.

Example Conversations

A conversation between two friends at school playing truth or dare during lunch.

  • Friend 1: Emily, truth or dare?
  • Friend 2: Dare!
  • Friend 1: I dare you to streak across the courtyard right now.
  • Friend 2: Kiss my ass, Miranda! I am not doing that!

A conversation between two co-workers disgruntled about their jobs.

  • Co-worker 1: I can’t stand working for this place anymore. They have changed everything and the quotas we are expected to reach are unreasonable!
  • Co-worker 2: I agree with you 100%! I cannot wait for the day I can just walk out of here and tell this company to kiss my ass!

Alternatives to “Kiss My Ass”

There are several ways you can replace the phrase “kiss my ass” during a conversation and still convey the same meaning. Some alternatives to this phrase include:

  • Go fly a kite
  • F$%k off
  • Take a hike

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  1. I think this idiom is not covering the very three words itself when spoken entirely by themselves. They are not so much a derogatory prefix or suffix as a flat statement expecting the listener to concede and abide physically to the very definition.

  2. Thanks a lot.I now made out what “kiss my a*s” means.Carry on translatin’ such puzzlin’ idiom words to us.

  3. Irish color on front license plate.
    Google th(Gaelic) translation of what I remembered and it’s
    ” kiss my a*s ”
    Just wanted to straighten out
    That it was curiosity not just an insult.
    Belive it or not”


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