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Visual Vocabulary



Business English focuses on the vocabulary and skills needed for professional communication. Mastering Business English is essential for clear and effective communication in the global business world.

Foreign Words

Foreign words are terms borrowed from other languages and integrated into English, enriching its vocabulary and reflecting cultural exchange and globalization.

American and British English

Whilst English is spoken in both the United States Of America and in the United Kingdom, there are some greatly differing aspects to the language, depending on the geographical location that you are in.

Positive Words

Here, you’ll find a collection of uplifting and encouraging words that can brighten your conversations and make your English more expressive.


Enhance your communication skills. Learn effective techniques for speaking, and discover tips and common phrases to excel in any speaking situation.

Internet Slang

Internet slang refers to the informal language and abbreviations that emerge from online communities and digital communication platforms.


Slang is used to make a conversation lighter and less intense but it can also make making a point much more simple and quick. Many people will use slang terms in order to more easily express a feeling or an emotion that is more relatable, for example saying ‘I am knackered’ which means ‘I am tired’ can have a much bigger impact.


Idioms are used massively during both spoken and written examples of the English language and you would be hard-pressed (that’s an idiom) to spend even a few hours in an English-speaking country and not hear at least one example of an idiom.

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