List of 25 Largest Animals in the World

Last Updated on November 2, 2023

Our world is filled with amazing creatures and natural wonders. However, the human mind’s capacity for wonder is often pushed to its limits by the sheer scale of some of these animals. This new blog will take a look at some of the biggest animals on the planet and provide you with some interesting facts and stats.

Largest Animals

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What are the Largest Animals?

When it comes to size, the title of “Largest animal in the world” may be claimed by many creatures based on different criteria such as weight, length, height, or even where they live. In terms of weight, the blue whale takes the top spot, weighing in at 188 tones on average.

However, others might argue that length is a better indication of size. The biggest land animal, according to this method, would be the African elephant. These animals are measured in feet and usually weigh about 10 tones.

List of Largest Animals

Here are some of the contenders for the title of largest animal in the world. The list of animals below will improve your English vocabulary.

  • Blue Whale
  • African Elephant
  • Pacific Walrus
  • Saltwater Crocodile
  • White Shark
  • Giraffe
  • Kodiak Bear
  • Polar Bear
  • Asian Elephant
  • Brown Bear
  • Hippopotamus
  • American Bison
  • Wandering Albatross
  • Common Ostrich
  • Sperm Whale
  • Reticulated Python
  • Green Anaconda
  • Orca
  • Capybara
  • Gaur
  • Cape Buffalo
  • Chinese Giant Salamander
  • Komodo Dragon
  • Japanese Spider Crab

Largest Animals with Facts

  • The Blue Whale: 30-35 meters in length, 80-90 years lifespan, up to 190 tones weight
  • The African Elephant: 7.5-8.5 meters in length, 60 years lifespan, up to 6 tones weight
  • The Pacific Walrus: 3-4 meters in length, 40 years lifespan, up to 1.5 tones weight
  • The Saltwater Crocodile: 6-7 meters in length, 100 years lifespan, up to 1 tone weight
  • The White Shark: 6-7 meters in length, 70 years lifespan, up to 2.3 tones weight
  • The Giraffe: 5-6 meters in length, 25 years lifespan, up to 1.8 tones weight
  • The Kodiak Bear: 3-4 meters length, 25 years lifespan, up to 1 tone weight
  • The Polar Bear: 3-4 meters in length, 35 years lifespan, up to 0.9 tones weight
  • The Asian Elephant: 6-7.5 meters length, 50 years lifespan, up to 5.4 tones weight
  • The Brown Bear: 3-4 meters length, 25 years lifespan, up to 1 tone weight
  • The Hippopotamus: 4-5 meters length, 45 years lifespan, up to 3.5 tones weight
  • The American Bison: 3-4 meters length, 20 years lifespan, up to 0.9 tones weight

As you can see, many different animals could lay claim to being the largest in the world. It depends on how you measure size.

Facts about Size

Some of the animals on this list may surprise you with their size. For example, did you know that an African elephant’s trunk can hold up to 9 liters of water? Or that a blue whale’s heart is the size of a small car? Here are some more interesting facts about the size of these animals.

  • The blue whale is not only the biggest animal on the planet but also the largest ever creature to have lived on Earth.
  • The African elephant is the largest land animal alive today.
  • The Pacific walrus is the largest member of the seal family.
  • The saltwater crocodile is the largest reptile in the world.
  • The white shark is the largest predatory fish in the world.
  • The giraffe is the tallest mammal in the world.
  • The Kodiak bear is the largest member of the bear family.
  • The polar bear is the largest land carnivore in the world.
  • The Asian elephant is the largest member of the elephant family.
  • The brown bear is the second largest member of the bear family.
  • The hippopotamus is the heaviest land mammal in the world.
  • The American bison is the largest member of the cattle family.


So there you have it. These animals are bigger than you might have thought and it’s easy to be impressed when you consider the different species. In reality, the biggest animals in the world are just another reminder of how amazing the natural world is and how far we’ve come.

The largest animals in the world are truly incredible. I hope you learned something new about these creatures and had as much fun reading this post as I did researching!

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