LBUS Meaning: What Does the Internet Acronym “LBUS” Mean?

Sometimes, you’re lucky enough to have acronyms that only mean one thing. Usually, these are less frequently used in general. Once you know the meaning of these types of words, you won’t have to worry that you might be mixing it up with a different definition. This article provides the definition & conversation examples of the acronym “LBUS” to help you use it correctly in English.

LBUS Meaning

What Does LBUS Mean?

LBUS is one of those acronyms that only has one meaning. You don’t have to feel stupid when you see this term because you’re not sure which way your friend means it. The only thing LBUS will mean is “laughing because you’re stupid.”

You might also see it written as LBYS, which still means “laughing because you’re stupid.”

Similar Slang For LBUS

When you tell someone LBUS, you’re telling them that you’re laughing but you’re laughing because they’ve done something stupid, rather than because they said something that was funny. You might also say other ways of laughing such as:

  • LOL = Laugh out loud
  • LMAO = Laughing my ass off
  • ROFL = Rolling on the floor laughing
  • ROFLMAO = Rolling on the floor, laughing my ass off

Example Conversations

Conversation examples using LBUS

  • Steven: hiya. Pmu at 430.
  • Kady: ??
  • Steven: detention.
  • Kady: that was next week.
  • Steven: fml I already came in here and they won’t let me leave.
  • Kady: lbus.
  • Kady: smdh mom’s going to love this.
  • Steven: shut up sys.


  • *PMU = Pick me up
  • *FML = Fu** my life
  • *SMDH = Shake my damn head
  • *SYS = See you soon


In this example, Steven has made a mistake and stayed for detention on a wrong day. Kady tells him “lbus” because of his mistake, which is a boneheaded move. The two continue to banter back and forth for a few minutes before they work their plans out.

LBUS Meaning Infographic

LBUS Meaning: What Does the Internet Acronym "LBUS" Mean?Pin

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