What Is “Lemme Smash” and When Should You Use It?

The internet slang term “lemme smash” has risen in popularity over the years since the term had spread quickly across social media. It is a good thing you came here then to discover the exact meaning of this term, the story about its origin, and some other meanings if there are any.

Conversation examples are provided as a further resource for learning about this term. Finally, you will learn some phrases that are similar in meaning and can be used in place of this slang term to convey the same message.

Lemme Smash Meaning

What Does Lemme Smash Mean?

This slang phrase is used most often in text messaging and all forms of online chatting as a way for someone to say “let me have sex with you” or “I want to have sex with you.”

Origin of Lemme Smash

The slang term “smash” had been used as another way of saying “have sex” since at least 2003. Usage of the term spread wildly before other words began to be added to the term making it a phrase. In October of 2014, the slang term that is the focus of this article was mentioned and defined for the first time and it has now become one if the most widely popular terms throughout the internet due to its social media popularity.

Other Meanings

Although some people use this term as a play on words to mean come play the Nintendo game Super Smash Brothers, this is the only other known meaning other than what was mentioned previously.

Conversation Examples

A conversation between two friends via text messaging.

  • Friend 1: I don’t get it!
  • Friend 2: Don’t get what?
  • Friend 1: Why Rebecca slapped me in the face today.
  • Friend 2: Did you say something to her?
  • Friend 1: Not too much. All I did was walk up behind her and say “lemme smash” and she darn near took my head off.

Synonyms for Lemme Smash

There are several synonymous phrases that you could use to take the place if this one that mean the same thing and will cover the same message. Some of the other phrases you can used include:

  • Let me have sex with you
  • Allow me to make love to you
  • I want to sleep with you

Lemme Smash Meaning Infographic

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