“Let There Be Light” | What Does this Idiom Mean?

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

Have you ever heard the term ‘let there be light’ in an English conversation and wondered what it meant? We are going to take a look at the meaning of this phrase and where it originally came from. We will also look at how the term can be used in a conversation./

Let There Be Light

“Let There Be Light” Meaning

When someone says ‘let there be light’ they are literally asking for light.

Origin of this idiom

The term ‘let there be light’ originally came from the Holy Bible, in the book of Genesis when God created the world.

“Let There Be Light” Examples

Examples in Statements

Here is a statement made by someone making a movie.

  • ‘OK, we have everything set up, now let there be light.’

This is a statement made by a pastor doing a sermon.

  • ‘God created the world and filled it with living beings, it was dark and so God said ‘let there be light.’

Conversation Examples

There are plenty of conversations in which the term ‘let there be light’ might be used. Although the phrase was originally one made by God, it is now used in a more informal manner during every day conversation.

The first conversation is between a mother and son who are decorating a Christmas tree.

  • Person 1:“Mom, can we put the fairy lights on the tree now?”
  • Person 2: “Yes let me just plug them in.”
  • Person 1: “OK.”
  • Person 2: “And let there be light.”

This next conversation is taking place between two people after a power cut.

  • Person 1: “I wonder when the power will be back on?”
  • Person 2: “Soon, I hope.”
  • Person 1: “Oh look, the house across the street has their lights on, try the switch.”
  • Person 2:Let there be light!”

Other Ways to Say this Idiomatic Phrase

There are other ways in which you can say the term ‘let there be light.’

Here are some examples of other things you might say in its place.

  • Shedding light
  • Light it up
  • Gets light

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