LIGMA Meaning: What Does The Term “Ligma” Mean?

If you watch YouTube a lot and play the game Fortnite at all, then you are probably familiar with the acronym “LIGMA”. If you don’t and the term is confusing you, then please read on for a detailed explanation. Here you will find the meaning for this acronym and the story of its origin.

You will also find other meanings of the acronym if there are any and some examples of how the term can be used properly in example conversations. Finally, you will see some suggestions for alternate words or phrases you can use to replace this term but yet still convey the same meaning.

LIGMA Meaning

What Does LIGMA Mean?

“LIGMA” is technically a slang acronym. However, it has no specific words it stands for. “LIGMA” is a fake disease that was made up on the internet by users and it is said to be the disease that most streamers of the game Fortnite suffer from. It is a joke meaning it was intentionally made so someone would ask you what “LIGMA” was and then receive the reply “ligma balls” which sounds like “lick my balls.”

This type of joke is often used in online forums, social media, and gaming communities. It’s important to note that this type of language and humor can be offensive and is not appropriate for all audiences.

Origin of LIGMA

The origin of the slang acronym “LIGMA” occurred in 2018 when an Instagram user by the name of Ninja_Hater posted a picture online insinuating to his friends that the popular YouTube Fortnite streamer Ninja had died of LIGMA. Although it was meant to be a joke for only his friends to see so they would ask what “LIGMA” was and he could give them the reply, other users saw the post on Instagram and the picture was shared and soon went viral.

Other popular YouTube streamers and even Ninja himself eventually saw the post and prompted Ninja to ask what “LIGMA” was. Falling for the joke, user after user responded, flooding the post. Since then, people have been using the slang term “LIGMA,” especially on the internet through the use of memes.

Other Meanings

There are no other meanings of this acronym known at this time. Keep in mind though that depending on who you talk to, the acronym can be said to mean whatever they want it to mean because there was no real definition of the fake disease in the first place.

Example Conversations

A text message between two friends:

  • Friend 1I can’t believe I fell for that today!
  • Friend 2Fell for what?
  • Friend 1Jack said he had LIGMA and had only a couple of days to live.
  • Friend 2What the hell is LIGMA?
  • Friend 1OMG! You mean you don’t know either?
  • Friend 2No!
  • Friend 1Ligma balls!
  • Friend 2<.< >.> Really? *rolls eyes*

An online conversation between two game players:

  • Player 1Did you hear they aren’t going to be making any more versions of this game?
  • Player 2For real? Why not?
  • Player 1Because the creator of the game recently passed away from LIGMA.
  • Player 2LIGMA? Never heard of it!
  • Player 1Yeah! Ligma balls, bitch!

Alternatives to “LIGMA”

There are a few phrases you could use in place of the acronym “LIGMA” to convey the same meaning and keep the effect of the joke. Some of the things you could use instead include:

  • deez nuts
  • BOFA, as in BOFA deez nuts

LIGMA Meaning Infographic