List of Adjectives | Common Adjectives in English

Learn useful List of Adjectives illustrated with pictures and examples.

This list of the most frequently used adjectives in English help you expand and improve your English vocabulary.

Character and Personality Adjectives

Character traits are qualities or characteristics that describe what a person is like.

Here is a list of Adjectives to describe Character and Personality in English.

  • Anxious – He was a bit anxious about the safety of the machinery.
  • Nice – You look nice in that suit.
  • Rude – I didn’t mean to be rude, but I had to leave early.
  • Crazy – The neighbours must think we’re crazy.
  • Funny – He is the funniest man in Britain.
  • Honest – He was a hard-working honest man.
  • Placid – She sat still, placid and waiting.
  • Jealous – You’re just jealous of her.
  • Messy – Does my hair look messy?
  • Impatient – He turned away with an impatient gesture.
  • Modest – You’re too modest! You’ve been a huge help to us.
  • Brave – They are brave soldiers.

Feelings and Emotions Adjectives

English Adjectives to describe feelings and emotions.

  • Confident – I feel quite confident about the future.
  • Angry – I was angry because he hadn’t told me his plans.
  • Envious – Colleagues were envious of her success.
  • Surprised – He looked surprised to see Cassie standing by the front door.
  • Scared – I’ve always been scared of dogs.
  • Lonely – Don’t you get lonely being on your own all day?
  • Relieved – She looked immensely relieved when she heard the news.
  • Joyful – Christmas is a joyful occasion for children.

List of Adjectives | Common Adjectives in English

Physical Appearance Adjectives

English Adjectives that are used for describing people’s looks and appearance.

  • Beautiful – She was even more beautiful than I had remembered.
  • Pretty – Maria looks much prettier with her hair cut short.
  • Cute – The baby’s so cute.
  • Ugly – She thinks she’s ugly but she’s not.
  • Attractive – Women seem to find him attractive.
  • Elegant – She has to be funny, touching and innately elegant.

Opposite Adjectives

  • Cheap – Expensive
  • Wide – Narrow
  • Cold – Hot
  • Slow – Fast
  • Big – Small
  • Poor – Wealthy
  • Lazy – Hard-working
  • Loose – Tight
  • Insane – Sane
  • Bad – Good

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