General Idioms | List of Idioms with Meaning and Examples

An idiom is a group of words which, when used together, has a different meaning from the one which the individual words have. Learn List of Idioms in English with meaning and examples.

Measurements Idioms

(The) Whole Nine Yards

  • Meaning: The entire amount; everything; all of something
  • ExampleSandra does everything around the office: sales, secretarial work, personnel management – the whole nine yards.

Note: There is much debate over the origin of this idiom; no one really knows where it came from.

A Bit Much

  • Meaning: More than is reasonable; a bit too much
  • ExampleYou’re asking us to pay for your trip to Ibiza? That’s a bit much, don’t you think?

A Cut Above

  • Meaning: Slightly better than
  • ExampleThere are lots of good midsize cars on the market, but the Toyota Camry has been a cut above the others for many years.

General Idioms | List of Idioms with Meaning and Examples

Colors Idioms | List of Idioms

Red Flag

  • Meaning: A warning; a sign of trouble ahead
  • Example: Jennifer always drinks too much when we go out after work. I was thinking of promoting her, but that’s a red flag.

(To Be) Yellow

  • Meaning: Be cowardly
  • Example: I got up on the high dive, but I was too yellow to jump off.

Note: This is old-fashioned.

Show One’s True Colors

  • Meaning: Reveal one’s true nature
  • Example: Andrew acts very friendly, but he showed his true colors when he stole the money that Ellen left on the table.

Idioms Using Numbers

At sixes and sevens

  • Meaning: Someone is in a state of confusion or not very well organized.
  • ExampleI’m at sixes and sevens now that the whole schedule has been rearranged.

At the eleventh hour

  • Meaning: It happens when it is almost too late.
  • ExampleI was shocked that they reached an agreement at the eleventh hour after weeks of squabbling.

Back to square one

  • Meaning: Back to the start
  • ExampleThe project failed, we’re back to square one.

General Idioms | List of Idioms with Meaning and Examples 2

Time and Times of Day Idioms

General Idioms | List of Idioms with Meaning and Examples 3

Place Names Idioms

10 Downing Street

  • Meaning: The title or office of the Prime Minister. The government of the United Kingdom
  • Example: During the colonial era, a young administrator whose aspirations reached toward 10 Downing Street might serve in India to build a network and credentials.

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

  • Meaning: The current U.S. President and administration members; the White House
  • Example: In American politics, Congress and the courts try to assert their power, but 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is where important international policies get decided.

Shipshape And Bristol Fashion

  • Meaning: Tidy, clean
  • Example: I want to see this office shipshape and Bristol fashion when the president visits tomorrow. Clean up all the papers on your desks!

Note: This is rather old-fashioned.

List of Idioms: Other ways to say

General Idioms | List of Idioms with Meaning and Examples 4

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