“Live Long and Prosper” | What Does This Useful Expression Mean?

You may have heard someone using the term ‘live long and prosper’ in a conversation. But what does this saying mean? We are going to look into the meaning of the phrase and how we can use it in a conversation. We will also take a look at where the phrase first came from.

Live Long and Prosper

“Live Long and Prosper” Meaning

When someone says the words ‘live long and prosper’ they are saying that they wish you well.

Origin of this idiom

The term ‘live long and prosper’ originally came from a derivation of a Jewish term ‘dif-tor heh smusma’ which translates into ‘peace be with you.’ There are many varieties of this term seen in various faiths from around the world. However, the term was made most famous by it’s use in the TV series, Star Trek in the 1960s.

“Live Long and Prosper” Examples

Examples in Statements

This statement is being made by a father to his son his the first day of college.

  • ‘Have a great time son, live long and prosper.’

This second statement is one made by a friend to another friend.

  • ‘I hope that you trip goes well, live long and prosper.’

Conversation Examples

If you are curious to know how to use the term ‘live long and prosper’ in a conversation, here are some examples to demonstrate its use.

The first conversation is happening between to people who work together.

  • Person 1: “I am going for the promotion next week.”
  • Person 2: “I’m sure you will get it.”
  • Person 1: “I think I will, but I will be sad to leave all of you people behind.”
  • Person 2: “You will excel without us, live long and prosper.’

The next conversation is happening between two friends, one of whom is moving away.

  • Person 1: “I am really going to miss living near to you.”
  • Person 2: “I am only a phone call away, you will love your new life, live long and prosper.”

Other Ways to Say the Phrase

There are other ways in which you can express the meaning of the term ‘live long and prosper.’

Here are some examples of what you could say in its place.

“Live Long and Prosper” Picture

Live Long and Prosper