LMFAO Meaning: What Does LMFAO Mean?

What does LMFAO mean and stand for on texting and social media? Find out the definition and the usage of this internet slang abbreviation with helpful texting conversation examples and ESL picture.

LMFAO Meaning

What Does LMFAO Mean?

LMFAO stands for “laughing my fu**** ass off.”

It is an expression that is often used online and in text. The literal meaning is, “laughing my fu**** ass off.” In British English, some people say “arse” instead of ass. It can be used in a variety of situations.

The definition itself is quite comical. It means that someone laughed so hard that their rear-end fell off!

Similar Internet Slang Words

Similar expressions include “LMAO” or “laughing my ass off.” This is almost the same as “lol” or “laughing out loud.” “LMFAO” shows the highest degree of reaction to something that is considered funny or comical.

Because this expression includes the word “fu**,” it should not be used in professional situations. Some people may take offense to this word so it’s best to use it with friends.

This expression can be used in text messages, on social media, or at work between colleagues. It should not be used with clients or supervisors.

Conversation Examples

Here are some examples:

Example 1

  • Co-worker 1: Holy crap! Did you see the prank Suzy pulled on Dave? It was hilarious!
  • Co-worker 2: Yeah man, I was super LMFAO.

In this conversation, two people are talking about something funny that happened at work. Co-worker one stated that he found the situation to be funny. Co-worker 2 agreed. He showed the degree to which he thought it was funny by using “LMFAO.” Because they are co-workers and have a good rapport, it’s OK to use it in this context.

Example 2

  • Friend 1: Tonight’s episode of our favorite show should be pretty funny.
  • Friend 2: That’s right. My buddy watched it, he said it would be pretty good. I’m ready to LMFAO.

Here we see that two people are talking about a TV show. They both think that the show should be entertaining and comical. Friend 2 uses “LMFAO” to show that she will enjoy the program. She will probably laugh a lot while watching it.

Other Meanings

  • Laughing My Fat A** Off
  • Loving My Friends And Others
  • Like My Friends American Offspring
  • Laughing My Freaking A** Off
  • Laugh My Friendly Apikoiris Off
  • Loving My Friends and Others

What Does “LMFAO” Stand for | Image


Other Ways to Say “LMFAO”

  • I burst into laughter.
  • I burst out laughing
  • I couldn’t stop laughing
  • It cracked me up
  • It cracks me up
  • It had me dying of laughter
  • It made me laugh
  • It was amusing
  • It was comical
  • It was humorous
  • It was priceless
  • It was side-splitting
  • It’s hilarious
  • It’s funny how
  • LMBO (laughing my butt off)
  • LML (laughing mad aloud)
  • LOL (laugh – out – loud)
  • ROGL (Rolling on the grass laughing)
  • That’s funny how
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3 years ago

Well Mrs. Or Mr. Know-it-all if you are so smart tell me why Jesus would make some bad phases about lafing ( laughing ) ??

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well this is my sons life

3 years ago

Well Mrs.know it all or Mr.know it all ??tell me why would Jesus make bad phases or was it the devil’s plan???

Siahara Shyne Carter
Siahara Shyne Carter
2 years ago

It stands for LAUGHING MY f*****g a*s OFF or LAUGHING MY FAT a*s OFF.
Depends on the discussion

1 year ago

This dance make me l***o but it’s cool. Siahara can dance it. lol <3

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ariana grande
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