LMGTFY Meaning: What Does LMGTFY Mean? Text Conversations

What does LMGTFY mean? The following lesson provides the definition and the usage of this online slang term with ESL infographic and texting conversations in English.

LMGTFY Meaning

What Does LMGTFY Mean?

“LMGTFY” means “let me Google that for you.”

We all know that one person who texts you to ask a question they can easily figure out themselves if they search for it. Depending on the subject, you may be able to answer them from your own general knowledge. Other times, you may have to look the info up for them. If you’re a good friend or coworker, you might respond to their inquiry with, “lmegtfy”.

Similar Internet Slang Words

  • JFGI” = J (Just) + F (F***ing) + G (Google) + I (It)
  • JFGY” = J (Just) + F (F***ing) + G (Google) + I (It)
  • JFGTI” = J (Just) + F (F***ing) + G (Google) + T (Translate) + I (It)
  • JGI” = J (Just) + G (Google) + I (It)

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Conversation Examples

Example 1 with “lmgtfy” as “let me Google that for you”.

  • Speaker 1: do you know the name of that new nail salon?
  • Speaker 2: um, hold on lmgtfy
  • Speaker 1: ok ty
  • Speaker 2: yw

*”ty” = T (Thank) + Y (You)

*”yw” = Y (You) + W (Welcome)

Example 2 with “jfgi” as “just f***ing Goggle it”

  • Speaker 1: what new movies are out?
  • Speaker 2: idk jfgi
  • Speaker 1: ugh thats too much work. We’ll go bowling instead
  • Speaker 2: gd you so lazy
  • Speaker 1: ik be okay

*”Idk” = I (I) + D (Don’t) + K (Know)

*”gd” = G (God or gosh) + D (Damn)

LMGTFY Meaning Infographic


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