LMK Meaning: What Does LMK Mean? Useful Text Conversations

What does LMK mean? Learn the definition and how and when to use the internet slang word “LMK” with ESL picture and interesting texting conversations in English.

LMK Meaning

What Does LMK Mean?

LMK stands for “let me know”

This saying is quite useful in the everyday online conversation. The long form of “LMK” is “let me know.”

It can be used at the beginning of a sentence or at the end. This goal of using this phrase is to have someone tell the user about some information or an event that may be happening later.

This can be used for setting up plans or activities. People can either use it in direct messaging or group settings.

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Conversation Examples

First example

  • Texter 1: Any plans for tonight?
  • Texter 2: Nah, I’m pretty beat. I think I’ll stay at home.
  • Texter 1: Ok, we’re gonna go to that bar by my house. If you wanna come by, LMK.

Here we see a conversation between friends. Texter 1 invites texter 2 out. The invitation is declined. Texter 1 uses LMK to leave the invitation open for texter 2 if the situation changes.

Second example

  • Co-worker 1: Hey, everyone’s here at the meeting except co-worker 4. What’s up?
  • Co-worker 2: I think she’s running late.
  • Co-worker 4: Yeah, sorry about that. I’ll be there soon.
  • Co-worker 3: Ok, get here as soon as you can. In the future, LMK if you’re running late!

In this group’s setting, we see that one co-worker will be late for a meeting. Co-worker 3 uses this internet slang word to let co-worker 4 know that she would like to know when people are going to be late for meetings. Keep in mind that this is in a group chat setting between co-workers. Internet slang should not be used in formal communication with supervisors or superiors.

Other Meanings of LMK

  • Love My Kids
  • Lions Might Knit
  • Local Master Key
  • Local Maintenance Key
  • Let’s Make Kids

LMK Meaning Infographic


Other Ways to Say LMK

“Let Me Know” Synonyms List

  • Tell/warn/inform/call/notify me
  • Give me a call
  • Keep me in the loop
  • Let us know
  • Keep me updated
  • Keep me posted
  • Just let me know
  • Give me a shout
  • Let me know your thoughts
  • Get back to me when you can
  • Fill me in when you get a chance
  • Send me a note
  • Send me a message
  • Keep me in the know
  • Give me a notice of
  • Please let me know
  • Give me a heads-up
  • Keep me informed
  • Let me hear
  • Please alert me…
  • Please notify me…
  • Please answer me…
  • Please keep me up to date
  • Please tell me…
  • Just remind me

LMK Synonyms with Examples

Tell/warn/inform/call/notify me

  • Could u tell me how to fill out this form?

Give me a call

  • Give me a call to let me know you’ve arrived safely.

Keep me in the loop

  • Look, I really care about Aana, so… I’d appreciate it if you’d keep me in the loop.

Let us know

  • Let us know if you come across anywhere that has something special to offer.

Keep me updated

  • Newspapers and periodicals keep me updated on current affairs.

Keep me posted

  • Keep me posted – I’d like to know of any changes.

Just let me know

  • If you meet with any difficulties, just let me know.

Give me a shout

  • Give me a shout when you’ve finished in the bathroom.

Let me know your thoughts

  • I think you should let me know your thoughts.

Send me a note

  • Send me a note if you’re interested in such an article.

Send me a message

  • My mother sent me a message by telegraph that she will arrive home by afternoon plane.

Keep me in the know

  • She likes to keep me in the know.

Give me a notice of

  • The seller may give notice of its willingness to perform.

Give me a heads-up

  • Luckily, most readers are kind and give me a heads-up about what needs correcting.

Keep me informed

  • I want to know what you decide, so keep me informed.

Let me hear

  • Don’t let me hear a single word against your stepmother.

Please alert me

  • Be sure to alert me to any fetal distress.

Please answer me

  • You will have to answer me for your conduct.

Please keep me up to date

  • I need you to keep me up to date about Anna, please.

Please tell me

  • Please tell me some opinions on various social questions.

Just remind me

  • Just remind me what I’m excited about again.
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