Lo and Behold Meaning: Learn the Definition of this Useful Idiom

“Lo and behold” is a common phrase that is heard and seen frequently in everyday conversation and writing. Here you will find the meaning of this phrase and the story of its origin. You will also find some examples of how to properly use this phrase in conversations/statements and other ways this phrase can be said while still conveying the same meaning.

Lo And Behold

Lo And Behold Meaning

The phrase “lo and behold” means to look and see something new in a situation or event. It is often used to introduce something that could have been predicted to appear.

Origin of the phrase

The word lo in the idiom “lo and behold” is a condensed version of the word look. Lo was a popular choice to use in the place of look as far back as the 18th century. The word behold means to see. The phrase was derived by the combination of both of these terms and first appeared during the first millennium. A similar phrase can also be found in the Bible.

“Lo And Behold” Examples

Examples in Statements

A statement made in a local newspaper about the court case that just ended.

  • “I knew we could get an acquittal for our client. Last night, something told me to take another look at the evidence the prosecution was presenting and, lo and behold, I found a hole in their case.”

A statement made by a celebrity on the red carpet.

  • “Since I was a little girl, this has always been my wish and now, lo and behold, I have made it!”

Examples in Conversations

A conversation between two friends.

  • Friend 1: So, I felt dumb last night.
  • Friend 2: Why?
  • Friend 1: Because I lost my keys and couldn’t find them and I was running around yelling at everyone.
  • Friend 2: Well, did you find them?
  • Friend 1: Yeah, I turned around in my room and, lo and behold, they were right in front of me the entire time.

A conversation between two co-workers.

  • Co-worker 1: So, I hear things went downhill here last night after I left to go home.
  • Co-worker 2: Yeah, Shirley lost a report and the boss was not happy.
  • Co-worker 1: Was it found?
  • Co-worker 2: After about five hours of looking. We were looking everywhere and, lo and behold, it was on Shirley’s desk the entire time!

Some interesting examples:

  • I walked into the pub and, lo and behold, there was my boss with his wife.
  • When we arrived, lo and behold, there was Dave sitting in the front row.
  • Lo and behold, we can tell a long story through the method of prolixity.

Other Ways to Say “Lo and Behold”

Most phrases can be said in several other ways. Some suggestions of ways you can say “lo and behold” differently, but still convey the same meaning, include:

  • Look and see
  • Check it out
  • Voila
  • Check out
  • Look at that
  • Behold

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Lo And Behold