“Loose Lips Sink Ships” Meaning | Do You Know What This Idiom Means?

Have you ever heard someone use the term ‘loose lips sink ships’ and wondered what they were talking about? We are going to look at what this saying means and where it first came from. We will also look at how it can be used in a conversation.

Loose Lips Sink Ships

“Loose Lips Sink Ships” Meaning

The meaning of the term ‘loose lips sink ships’ is that if a person gossips, they could end up causing serious trouble. There will be consequences for your gossip.

Origin of this idiomatic phrase

The idiom ‘loose lips sink ships’ first came from the second world war when it was believed that spies were everywhere. If you were to openly discuss military tactics, you might be heard and that would give the opposition an advantage-possibly sinking a ship.

“Loose Lips Sink Ships” Examples

Examples in Statements

This first statement is being made by a woman about her friend.

  • ‘I warned her not to keep spreading those rumours and that loose lips sink ships.’

The next statement is made by a teacher to her student.

  • ‘You should not go around school talking about other people, loose lips sink ships.’

Conversation Examples

You might hear the term ‘loose lips sink ships’ in a variety of different conversations. Here are some examples of what you might head.

The first conversation is happening between two friends.

  • Person 1: “I am thinking about telling Claire my secret.”
  • Person 2: “No, you shouldn’t.”
  • Person 1: “Why not?”
  • Person 2: “She will tell the world and you’ll regret it, loose lips sink ships.”

This is a conversation which is happening between two colleagues.

  • Person 1: “Have you heard about the rumour of five people getting fired?”
  • Person 2: “I’m not discussing this, loose lips sink ships.

Other Ways to Say the Phrase

There are other options to express the meaning of the term ‘loose lips sink ships.’

Here are some examples of other things you could say.

  • Nothing good can come of idle gossip
  • Careless talk costs lives
  • Don’t talk carelessly
  • Saying too much is dangerous
  • Don’t say too much

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